What Is Rooting? Uses Of Rooting An Android Device With Pro's And Con's

Ever wonder what is rooting a device or a server, It's basically granting permissions to do certain things without authorization.What Is Rooting? How To Root An Android Devices With Pro's And Con's. Here you can find fully about what that means and what are the favorable and unfavorable reasons to Root any Devices and Servers.
rooting android phones


It means granting a super user or administrator permissions in an illegal way.

It is not just meant by rooting an android device (granting super user permissions), Every device can be rooted to grant super user permissions (Administrator permissions in windows) for example routers and servers are rooted to do malicious things that are not authorized.

It totally depends on the device and the structure of it. In many cases, it is an illegal act.

Most of us familiar with rooting an android devices or tablets to do certain things which are not allowed by the sellers. It means you're violating the terms and conditions of the companies who are selling. Most of the Tech giant companies like Google, Sony , Samsung allows users to unlock their devices for additional purposes but they are not responsible for any of the damages that cause to the device that means your warranty is void.

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Pros And Cons Of Rooting An Android Device:

Many think it is advantages and they also think that it is a risky job to do so. Because it  is a difficult job to do but it worth it if you're a developer or wanted to explore things deeply.

rooting Android Advantages and disadvantages
Pros & Cons


1. Installing third party applications : Most of the applications that are designed for testing and for developers require root permissions ( super user access to perform certain tasks ).Without rooting an android device its almost impossible to run such applications. If you're a tester or a developer you can go ahead and root your device.

2. Removing Blot ware : Android devices come with lots of inbuilt applications that no so use full but they use up your precious memory and ram , slowing down your processor , eating up your battery. Now this unused application can be handled if the mobile is rooted. This is the major reason most of the people root their devices.

3. Increasing speed : Yes rooting your device means you can do anything even increasing your mobile speed , even over locking your processor to do extra calculations. And deleting the temp files and a cache of your internal memory that is being not used and eating up your memory.

4. Installing custom ROM s : Yeah this is the best when it comes to rooting. You can try the latest versions of android even before the official release of it, you can just literally install your favorite OS that you like the most.

5. Increasing your memory : Memory of your device can be increased by linking the internal storage and external storage so that applications can get installed without facing any problems , or just you may move your applications to the external memory and free up your internal memory to install more applications.

6. Tweaking : You can tweak any application or even your own ROM as you pleased , you can literally play with the internal or system files ( playing with system files is dangerous ).


1. Warranty is void : It is not supported by the manufacturers, which intern results in loosing your warranty.

2. Bricking your device : Your mobile can be easily bricked if you're playing with firmware and the ROM.

3. Deletion of system files : With the permission to access the system files it might be possible to delete the system files unknowingly which intern costs you much because you may delete the files that are used for booting up your device.

4. Threats : A rooted mobile is always prone to the risk of getting viruses. Because most of the viruses root devices to spread, if your mobile is already rooted it's very easy for a virus to its job , it can send your information to the attacker.

Conclusion : 

The above given information is true according to my knowledge, this is the basic information about the rooting, This may help you to decide whether root your device or not it all depends on the requirement of yours. If you willing to risk then you may go and root your device if you're kind of person who doesn't have any information about it you better stay away because it may cause harm to your device and the data.

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