Best Smartphone buying Guide | Which smartphone should I buy?

Smartphones, you come across this word every single day of your life. But our question is how to select the best smartphone or a best mobile phone? , Smartphones actually change the way of our life is and how we work. Few years before if you wanna work we need some important tools, for that we need a personal computer to complete our work efficiently, but here the problem arises that is we need more time to complete the work, what I mean is you need to take time to sit in front of a computer to do your work right, but that problem is solved by the mobile phones, they are capable of doing heavy work in your mobiles its self, that means no time wastage at all.

tips to buy a smartphone

There are numerous numbers of mobile phones available on the market today, and they all are capable of doing things on their own way. I am writing this guide to save the people from confusion, so fear not you're in the right place. Read the instructions carefully so that you can choose a best mobile phone.

How To Choose A Better Mobile That Set's Future Bright:

Selecting a best mobile phone:

selecting a best mobile phone is actually an easy process when you follow these steps carefully.

OK now let's get back to the business and let us start our tutorial right away without wasting our time at all.

There's only one step involved to choose a better mobile, simple right? Yes, it is simple, you don't need to panic just take a pen and paper and let's start, Write it down the features that you want in your mobile before going any further.

Know what you want out of your phone:

Knowledge is the power, just remember this single point and you can master anything, ah but this gonna work here, at least, :D , I'm here making a simple list of features below that reader should consider while selecting a mobile phone.
  1.  Camera
  2.  Gaming
  3.  Performance
  4.  General usage.
Whoever the reader may be they'll fell into these four categories, So choose what kind of category person you are and what you want your mobile to work for. I'm stressing this because mobile phones differ in performance and work, there are a lot of people who use their mobiles differently so the mobiles as well, they are designed for specific works, Selecting a work mobile will make you cry if you plan on gaming on it, because when you buy a phone you'll be very happy about that, then slowly you'll realize that this mobile is not up to you or you cannot handle it, it's not giving performance that you wanted. So you end up thinking of buying a brand new mobile wasting your money, I have seen many people doing this so, think before you act.

Camera :

If you are gonna buy a mobile just for a camera and to show off (no offence :P), or may be to do mobile photography or any other work, most of the photographers want their mobiles with the great cameras so that they can't miss even a single emotion or event so they'll be seeking the best mobiles with the great camera specs to capture moments with better quality like DSLR's. For those kinds of people can choose an iPhone, oppo or Samsung s6 or s7, These mobiles may be a little bit high in price but they worth the price.

Gaming :

Gaming, this is feature attracts may people mostly teens, If you wish to play games on your mobile phone then you need to be very careful while buying a mobile because you need to consider many things like processor, no of cores it contains , the processor version and even the ram, not just these you even need to consider the operating system which it will be running, because operating systems optimization effects the performance of your mobiles greatly.

For gamer's I recommend you to buy some flagship phones to experience the better gaming, there are a lot of flagship phones available on the market , note these phones are expensive as well(but in the current market you can get a cheap smartphone with specs equal to flagship phones).

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Performance :

Most of the business man or upcoming entrepreneurs require a mobile that can capable of doing all your work in your fingertips, so for those it is very simple while choosing a mobile phone no need to consider the processors or may be the ram etc etc features, what you need to focus on what kind of work you're going to do on your mobile phone and the what kind of applications you'll use and just check those applications supported version, simply on what platforms they can perform well.
These guys can pretty much buy any phone as most of the phones nowadays supports all these kind of stuff.

General purpose :

This gonna be the last topic in our tutorial, this totally depends on the type of a person because they use their mobile phone for normal use only, so they pretty much can choose any phone they like the most, ranging from low budget phones to the expensive phones depending on their budget. For these people can choose nexus or may be an iPhone, which works for them well.

Conclusion :

Hope you like our tutorial, the above mentioned points are very important while choosing or thinking to buy a new smartphone, so as to reduce the headache after buying an phone which doesn't suit you and can't work on it because it doesn't support the features which are need to you, So we highly recommend you to go throw above steps while choosing a phone.


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