Top Best 10 Games Of 2016 (PC) New Release

Hi, Everyone. The Top Best 10 Games Of 2016 (PC) New Release has come into the market. Video games are overtaking the entertainment industry; they are excellent to pass the time off, according to the studies conducted proved that games can able to keep the brain sharp and the body reflections get improved, there are different genres of games available in the market today.Some of the best games of this year 2016 are listed below.

New Best PC Video Games Of 2016:

1.The Witness.

PC top games

The witness is a 3D puzzle game developed by THEKLA. It is a single player game released on 26th January 2016. This game is an open world island game filled with various natural and man-made structures(constructed or built statues). In this competition, the player increases his experience points or levels up by solving puzzles. Puzzles are scattered around the island and hidden in the islands environment. This game is initially released for the platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and ISO.

2.Quantum Break.

Time is power game

Quantum Break is an action adventure, the third person shooter(shooting) game developed by REMEDY entertainment. This game is published by the Tech giant Microsoft Studios. In this game you’ll be played as a character named Jack Joyce, who possess a power of manipulation of time, where time shatters, making everything freezes(slows down) except for Joyce, to escape from the enemies or beat them up. This is a single player game it does not support multiplayer. The game released on 5th April 2016. It is released for Xbox one and windows.

3.Tom Clancy's The Division.

world fighter game

Tom Clancy’s the Division is an upcoming online game, this is an open world third-person shooting game. Published by UBISOFT. This is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game. This game takes place in mid-crisis Manhattan an open world with the destructive environment, the players mission is to restore the order by finding the source of a virus. The players get to use the awesome gadgets weapons like sticky bombs and smart mines to fight against the enemies. It's Releasing on 8th March 2016. This is releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Windows.

4. Farcry Primal.

Top Game for pc

Farcry is a series of adventure games, where the game story takes place in around 10,000 BC during the beginning of the Mesolithic period. According to the story, the games area is an or valley in the central Europe. You’ll be playing a character named talker who is a when a tribesman. Who works hard to survive in the daily challenges as a tribe man and fights for the pride with other tribes and hunts the animals. He eventually grows his powers, creates his tribe and becomes the leader. This is a game is released on 23rd Feb 2016 for Xbox one and Play Station 4. But for PC, it's released on 1st March 2016.

5. Sea Of Thieves.

Multiplayer pc game

Sea of Thieves is an adventures single player as well as the multiplayer game developed by RARE; This game features user to create their custom stories by using in-game tools. The initial release date is 2016 but exact date not released yet. This game is going to come for Xbox one and Windows.

6. Shadow Warrior 2.

shooter game for pc

Shadow Warrior 2 is a series of shadow warrior game, developed by the Flying wild hog. It is a first person shooter game where you’ll play the character named Lo Wang. This game even has a multiplayer support with four player co-op mode where other player looks like anonymous ninjas to each other in multiplayer mode. This game is a sequel to the reboot of shadow warrior, Its initial release date 2016 (dates not yet released!). This game is going to release for Play Station 4, Xbox one, Windows, even for Linux and Mac OS. Note that most of the games are not released for Linux and Mac.

7. Mafia 3.

Mafia game for pc

Mafia 3 is a series of games developed by the 2K Games. This is an action and adventures game where you’ll be playing as a Lincoln Clay, who set out to seek the revenge for his friends who are murdered by local mobs. Games set are in 1968 new Orleans. It offers the variety of approaches for the players to complete the mission. This 3rd part of the series is going to release in 2016. This game is releasing for various platforms like Play Station 4, Xbox one, Windows and for Mac.

8. The Walking Dead: Michonne.

mini series games for pc

This is a single player, Adventures game, and an interactive movie. This game is primarily based on Robert kirkman’s the walking dead comic book series by TELL-TALE games. This game is releasing in 3 episodes which release in one month gap.

List of the events are:

Chapter 1: In Too Deep.

Episode 2: Give No Shelter.

Chapter 3: What We Deserve.

This game is a zombie apocalypse where the group of survivors leads by Rick games. The initial release date is FEB 23 2016. This game is released for Play Station 4, Xbox one, Android, Play Station 3, ISO, windows and mac.

9. Hitman.

Famous Action game

Hitman is a famous action adventure and stealth game developed by Square Enix. This is the 6th part of series. In this game where the player plays as an agent 47 who is a well-trained assassin, traveling around the world to eliminate contracted targets. The release date is 11 March 2016; It's coming for Play Station 4, Xbox one and Windows.

10. Recore.

microsoft studios adventure game

Recore is an adventure game published by the Microsoft studios, and the story is written by Joseph Staten and designed by a concept. According to the trailer, a girl, and a robot dog is shown in a vast desert fighting the enemies. The girl carries a grappling hook throw which she takes the cores of enemies to destroy them and besides that dog self-destructs itself to compete with other robots, then later the girl takes the core and places that to an another humanoid robot, and it seems that robot recognizes her. This game is releasing in 2016 for Xbox one and Windows.


This games are the most anticipated and favorite games of 2016, note that these games are selected according to the rating, and the popularity is given by the gamers and the people around the world.
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