Mobile Photography,The Simple Way Of Taking And Editing Images Anywhere.

Mobile Photography is the simple way of taking pictures anywhere and you can style or edit them with few simple clicks. Nowadays mobile market has reached the sky's with awesome features and those devices power is like beasts which can do things with lightning fast, In and around 1990's the only way of taking photos is using the cameras that too with a lot of heavy equipment. As being they are not portable at all. But now the things have turned upside down with new technologies. 

nowadays mobiles phones comes with great amount of pixel clarity cameras which drastically increases the possibilities of doing interesting things like editing right away in your hands itself, Just take a photo and then start editing to show cool things to other, show your talent to your friends to the world, share them anywhere just like that that's the power of mobile photography, Read below to know how can you do this using latest applications.

Mobile photography

Mobile photography is nothing but taking photos with ease. When the mobile industries are started growing higher and higher they had developed some interesting gadgets, basically a mobile phone or may be a smart phone is a not just a single device, its a combination of multiple gadgets that you use daily or we need them daily. So mobile phones become part of our life. We can't even imagine our lives without a mobile phone, it's a great deal that they have changed our lives a lot.

Back in 1990's we used to use cameras which are heavy to carry and they don't even give images with high quality and that's not they are too much expensive than now. So now let's begin with our tutorial, i.e how to take better pictures with a mobile phone. This tutorial gonna make your life simple and makes you pop out in your friends circle.

Rules To Get Mobile Photography.

Simple rules that are needed to be followed to get the best photos out of  mobile.

Rule 1 Understanding your device:

First before doing anything the major part of mobile photography is to understand the device you are using and what is it capable of doing, I said this is the most major part because without understanding the device features you cannot explore to its full extent at all. So now get started and know about your device in and out carefully.

Tips to know about your device:
  1. First, examine the device you have got, feel the power of it imagine what can you do, think how to manipulate with it, the main theme of photography is expressing things using images. 
  2. Know how much megapixel camera it got, check the RAM and the processors, also check how many cores it got, this step is crucial because while taking steady pictures it may not be that use full but when capturing moving images we need a speed phone or a powerful mobile to do so. 
  3. Also, know what kind of lens it got, a lens is an important aspect, we need a good lens than a more megapixel camera, A good lens is needed while focusing images and much more you'll understand when you get into this mobile photography field.

Rule 2 Focusing:

Focusing is used to capture the eyepiece of the viewer, basically, it will help you to manipulate the viewers eye. Professional photographers are too much good at this they literally command you to look where they exactly wanted to. Now in android devices the cameras comes with great lenses so they can support focusing particular things, What you need to do is touch the object which you wanted to be focused and BOOM the object gets popped up and the rest of the images gets blurred a little to manipulate your eye to look at the focused object.

Rule 3 Angle:

This part is like a wall between the professionals and the noobies, Yes it is just as you imagined the angle is so important, Angle is literally looking at the things. professional photographers think outside of the box and they look at the completely different angles that a normal person cannot look and that's the reason they cannot see the beauty of things, where as a photographer looks every object in a completely different way and captures its spirit to show other how beautiful it is. Now try to see things in a different angle and take a picture when you feel comfortable with the angle.

Rule 4 Lighting:

Lighting may be natural or artificial the important thing here is does the light reaching your object correctly and its reflecting on the place where you wanted it to be, as you go on the progress you can able to manipulate the lighting however it may be you'll be able to use it to your advantage. Lighting pop's the object out there are many tutorials available and even books you can buy them to learn deeply but for now, i am just sticking with definitions.

Rule 5 Environment:

Basically, environment and the lighting relates mostly, but there are still a lot of more differences that needed to be considered, the colors that make viewers feel good, To be simple colors manipulate the viewers emotions. So when taking the images colors needed to be considered how the background the objects colors interacting with the viewers and what the background expressing the message correctly or not. Environment plays the major role in capturing the feelings of the images.

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How to capture Images:

Now let us apply the above discussed 5 golden rules to take images, believe me, you'll completely gain some experience points :D in your photography life.

I am expecting you have gone throw details about your mobile and you understand the working and the image capture rate and etc points that need to be considered.

Take a look at the image below which i had taken with my mobile few days back in my vacation,
I had applied the above rules like focusing, angle, lighting and the environment on capturing the image.

Anchor in the beach

In the above image, i didn't applied any filters and didn't even edited anything at all. If you look closely you can notice that how i was taken the anchor image from the bottom angle covering the ocean and the sand at the same time which makes the image look beautiful and express the true meaning and beauty of it, if i had taken the image at an angle from the above then there's no way of covering the ocean and the sky, which means i would have only anchor image and the with the background as sand only.

But there are so many mistakes in the above image as its not yet perfect at all it needs to be get edited a little more like colors and the lighting which are the important factors as explained above, in the photography even a minute things are also  very important which are not even seen by human eye until it is seen with care. If you want your images to be popular and look good and at the same time express the intentions of your image properly to the viewer. Maintaining this simple thing makes your image good and look professional.

This is the end of part 1. In the part 2 you'll be learning about editing images in your mobile right away after taking the image and you'll also get to know some of the use full applications for android to edit the images like a pro and share them directly.


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