Top 10 Best Android Games And Free Downloading

Hello, friends, I came with a known topic but with a new Top 10 Games For Android Device And Free Downloading. As we see around yourself we will find a gamer, He/she will spend most of the time with gaming activities. If we look from the positive side, playing games keep their mind sharp and makes them happy. I think this will only need to have enjoyable movement in our life(happy, feeling free from tensions, coming up with bored situations) and leaving happy & leaving long.

Top best Android games

Nowadays we can see people around us are stuck with their mobiles, personal computers, laptops, notepads, etc. what do you think? What are they doing? The answer may be playing their favorite games. Right!!. Apart from this if we believe from the downside, it is a bad habit to stick with the mobile, PC, lappy from such much time, it may be harm to your Brain or Eyes or Thoughts. I am not saying that either you go actual site or negative side but keep in eye on both sides, I hope you will play the role on both positive side and negative side, and don't leave or ignore another work while playing games.

Some people gets habited with games, for them, you play games but don't think that it make happy. play games only in bored situations, struck with some tensions and many more reasons, in this time spend some time and come up with free mind and go back to work, it makes us controlling you and leaving happy life.

Here below I listed Top 10 Games for your Android Device.

Best Top 10 Android Games With Download Link.

1. Fallout Shelter.

New android game

Fallout Shelter is a mobile best game of this year, the game is in underground and it like finding something and blasting surfaces and selecting a modern room, unlocking the surface. In the fallout shelter we use weapons & armors to survive and building the bright future in the underground shelter to protect families and neighbors together with communities, start building the great future by just playing now itself click on the link you will redirect to Google Play store CLickHere.

2. Clash Royale.

Android Games

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game, and it requires a network connection to play, millions of users enjoying with their clash character and collecting cards to unlock the new areas, entering into the battlefield and collecting cards by knocking the enemy king tower and winning trophies. Clash Royale allows dual player around from any part of the world to enter into the Arena battle and unlocks multiple areas, rewards, cards, awards and much more; we can even build our communities and challenge your clan mates to prove yourself. ClickHere

3. Skate lines.

Skating Android game

Skate lines support for IOS and Android devices; it is a single player game the skate lines name itself say experience different skate blotting techniques. In our daily life we take a skateboard and practise lot, and we experience some different technology as much we exercise we come to know some special skater techniques are left, here in this game more than 90+ tricks, grinds, blunts and slides are available and even you can record your favourite tracks and share them to Facebook, Twitter, and different social networking sites. ClickHere

4. The Wolf Among US.

android fight game

The Wolf Among Us is an Adventure game and develop by Telltale Games series. The game is all about Adventure, plans, murder, violent and mature thrillers. This Wolf Among Us requires some system requirement if we want to play on the system, memory - 1GB, GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4, Central Processing Unit: Dual core 1.2GHz. ClickHere

This game is also an Android supportable, but it runs only on the following devices and above versions like (Galaxy S2, S3 mini) and the devices which are unsupported are Galaxy Tab 3.

5. Stupid Zombies 3-Dying light.

zombies android games

Stupid Zombies 3-Dying light is a Casual game developed by the game resort. The game is of Stupid Zombies has risen again our heroes are entering in the different modes and killing the zombies with the various weapons like short guns, bombs, launchers and many more, This Stupid Zombies 3-Dying light game contains 130+ level, and it is a big game to play and play with friends to kill stupid zombies. ClickHere

6. Trials Frontier.

Riding games

Trials Frontier is a game of Racing motorcycle, and Ubisoft Entertainment developer develops it. As we heard the word racing it means challenging the world’s top best riders, competing with friends, global riders and moving to the first place on the leaderboard. Riding the bike on different tracks and analyzing the results and beating the score of riders from all over the world and taking in part of adventure tracks and endless track winning the game. ClickHere

7. Evolution: Battle For Utopia.

Battle Games for android

Evolution: Battle For Utopia is a strategy game, and it develops by B.V developer, it supports the multiplayer game and requires a network connection. The best game since 2014 millions of users has downloaded and enjoyed the battle in space with robot type machines. The game is like protecting our base from enemies and supporting our teammates to occupy others base and winning battles, upgrading our equipment and characters to destroy the power of the opposition. ClickHere

8. G.I.Joe: Strike.

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G.I.Joe: Strike is a mixture of swords, martial arts skills, and different weapons game. It is an Action game developed by Backflip Studios, the game has missions as Snake eyes, challenge the masters and upgrade the skills and equipment strength, use different types of ninja tricks and cross the stage and upgrade your weapons, energy, etc., click on the link to download. ClickHere

9. Implosion – Never Lose Hope.

Fighting games for android

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is an action game for mobile users, and it is developed by Rayark international limited. The war against with extinction and humanity last weapon. The features needed for this game are super graphics quality and improved with a good sound battle game in the market. Click the below link you will redirect to download path. ClickHere

10. Marvel Contest Of Champions.

super heroes fighting games

Marvel Contest Of Champions game contains superheroes and super villains. The battle against heroes and villains in Marvel is at our fingertips; It is off fighting action game, and Kabam developer develops it. Collect your team from Marvel universe and fight with against team and become the Champion of the Universe. The below link helps you to Download the Marvel Contest Of Champions. ClickHere


The listed ten games are top for Android devices; it contains Adventure, Action, Fighting, Racing, Casual games and much more. I hope you like our article, so I suggest you to subscribe with your mail id to get updates right to your Inbox.                    


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