How To Auto Login In To Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Account

Internet service providers they are the ones who provide the internet via broadband or many be via WiBro etc, but they need to confirm you every single time you wanna access your internet if you're logged out for couple of hours then again it will prompt for your login again that's kind of painful every time you need to enter your id and password even if you're on your own PC it still require authentication every time, so today we're here to solve that problem and let you log in automatically.

Automatically login into your Internet

Things that are required for auto-login :

There are not many things required to login into your account this is a very simple process to login into your ISP's account, just follow the below instructions carefully and you never need to worry about logging in again.
  • You require an internet connection (of course).
  • You need a wi-fi router.
  • And a PC or a mobile to login into your router.
This is the pretty much things that are required to setup our auto logging our ISP.

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Steps for setting up autologin :

  1.  Login to your router.
  2. Set your ISP's id and password for auto-login.
  3. Apply changes and boom.
As you can see this are the only three steps that you require for setting up our auto-login.

Logging into your router :

For logging into your router you require an id and password that comes with your router when you purchased it, they are set to default values if you didn't change them. You can find the default password and id on the back of the router like below.

default router details

Now open any browser and type the website that is provided by the company when you purchased it, you can see that is also printed on the back of the router as above. Simply enter that website on your browser and you can see a pop up asking id and password as below, just enter your id and password and click login as shown below.
router login portal

and then you will be redirected to the main page where you can find many settings of your router like changing the password and port forwarding or even our main subject as well. This may look different for every router I mean for different versions, as you can see in the above image I am using NETGEAR router, so mine looks like this.

routers interface

Set your ISP's id and password for auto-login :

As you can see in the above image you can see the basic information like no of devices attached, password, guest network etc, but for now, we are sticking to our main subject. Now click on advanced and then setup then you'll see a screen as below.

select yes for internet requires login

As you can see in the above image does your internet connection require a login, simply click on YES and you'll see a screen like this.


Select your internet service provider as PPPoE and fill in the details as your ISP's username and the password and click apply and then just log out and you'll never need to log in again.

Conclusion :

This a simple tutorial about how to auto login to your ISP's account, this will be same for everyone but the UI may be different for the other router if the PPPoE doesn't work for try changing with the other's but it will accept the PPPoE if it's a broadband or fiber etc, If you like the tutorial please share with your friends and if it didn't work for you please let us know throw comments and we will resolve your problem soon, Thank you for taking time to read this.


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