Best themes for android and how to apply them?

We have been discussing about how to theme your android phone we already written  about the best launchers, on we which we will be working so, here is the second tutorial and that is about the Themes, here i will provide the list of themes and tell you how can you apply them on your launchers.

Best android themes free download

Before starting our second tutorial, i want you to have a little bit of information about themes, i will tell you what they are but if you wanted to know more deep then you can just do some research use google to find more information about them but for now, themes are packages that contains information about the shapes and graphics and your user interface.

Take a look at our tutorials skeleton here if you haven't.

List of best themes :

Today we will be working with themes so i want you to reduce your effort and just give you the names of  themes that are popular in the market, so take a look at them and download them and try using if you face any problems about them like while applying force closes let us know or just contact us
Here is the list :

Street Night City View :

Street night city theme is a quit a fashionable theme, it got some new features that it has smart folder option and it comes with the default hexagonal icon pack and some fonts and the wallpapers are like blurred lighting effects, which gives quite a flavor but remember this themes require a base to work, as we discussed in our launcher section, which was our first tutorial about theming android. This theme requires C- launcher to work. so remember that before downloading this theme.

Shadow Theme :

Shadow theme, it got lots of icons with shadows that look awesome on your phone and they look lively, if you want to try this theme remember about the base thing (the launchers) but we had our luck in this theme that it supports lots of launchers like nova, apex, adw and go. Before applying this theme download one of these launchers.

Soft Touch Red - Next Theme :

Soft touch red theme comes with 2D and 3D variants but you don't need to download both they are included in one single pack which you can change in settings, for this theme to work you need next launcher 3D to be installed on your phone.

Black Mechanic Atom Theme :

These theme is like sci-fi, it got crazy wallpaper and the icons which look like made of glass and this theme works on atom launcher, but this theme got lots of bugs like in the fonts but its good to try at least once.

Beautiful Theme :

This theme instantly makes your phone look good, it got great wallpapers and icons that merge greatly with together and this theme supports lots of cool launchers so you don't need to worry about the launchers, just read the description where you can find the supported launchers list.

Hologram Colors 3D Theme :

This theme comes with great icon pack and fonts but unfortunately it only supports cm launcher only, so you need to download that launcher before proceeding further, this theme looks lot better and the icon packs are the top in this theme.

Conclusion :

As you have seen, there are a lots of themes that are available on the play store, do some research and if you find some other interesting themes just mail us or comment below for others to have some look, but there is a big problem in this themes that they all required base to work that a pain, because you need to have different launchers to work with them, but don't worry in our advanced theming tutorials we will take a look at theme engines which doesn't need any launchers to work, we will discuss that in our rom's section so stay tuned to "techdhamaka" for other tutorials, if you have any problem following this tut notify us and we will clarify it in no time.


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