How many ways an android phone can be modified or themed to match your uniqueness?

Modifying an android phone to match your uniqueness is an interesting topic, i had started a series of tuts about saying how can you modify your android devices, and then I thought I should share the no of possibilities that can modify or theme your phone, so today I will give you the list of things which can you try, and I'm warning you some of these steps are advanced and they need root permissions to do the work.

Free themes for android

List of ways that help you theme your phone :

Here I will give you the list which will be our skeleton for our series of tutorials, so take a look at them.
  • Launcher
  • Themes
  • Icon Packs
  • Fonts
  • Layers
  • ROM's
Remember this is the list or index which we will be working on for our next tutorials, In this order, we will learn about theming android devices.

So let's take a brief look at the topics which we will be working on :

1. Launchers :

Launchers are the piece of software which will help us launching applications and it provides lots of themes and helps us to modify even more manually, so this are the great medium to start with, this are like pillars for our other modifications. They support us to change icons, apply themes, layers and much more.

Here the list of  best launchers on which we will be working on.

I suggest you go through above link for the best launchers and remember that we will be working on one of those launchers for our next few tutorials.

2. Themes :

Themes are the modification code that changes the variables of your user interface to look great and unique, in our upcoming tutorials about themes and theme engines, we will discuss more them later on, for just now remember they apply some magic to your phone  that makes look great.

Here is the list of best Themes check it out.

3. Icon Packs :

Yes, icon packs are great in the field of theming because, when you apply a theme and you have boring icons that don't suit at all don't worry, in changing icon packs tutorial we will learn about how can we change icons and how to select the best icons.

Here is the list of best Icon packs.

4. Fonts :

Just like the icons we can download desired fonts and can apply to the phone, with the help of launchers we even can change the fonts sizes, or just from settings menu (your phone settings) also we can do that, Fonts will definitely change the way mobile looks.

Learn more about Fonts here.

5. Layers :

As we all of us know that android is built using 100's of 1000's of layers, in the layers tutorials we will look at how can we change the layers to our desire, change the colors just for keyboard, just for settings, and much more. So stay tunes for this, don't miss this it gonna be a great trust me.

How to use layers check this out.

6.  ROM's :

In the ROM's section, we will discuss how can changing ROM boosts our possibilities of theming, we mostly discuss the CyanogenMod in this and how can this be useful.

Everything about ROM's is here.

This post is a skeleton for our series of tutorials so this post will be updated regularly so stay tuned for latest updates.


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