Stunning free Icon packs for android and how to use them ?

This is the third tutorial in theming Android, Stunning free Icon packs for android and how to use them ?and this will be all about Icons as we have discussed in a skeleton of the series of tutorials. We will discuss the icons detailed in this section, and we will look at the list of best icon packs that available on the play store right now. As we discussed in the previous tutorial about the launchers that was our very first tutorial about theming android, So always remember that launchers are the base of theming if you're not using the advanced techniques ( we will discuss that advanced techniques as well in the upcoming tutorials stay tuned for those !). For now, just stick with the icon packs.

Best Icon packs free download

We discussed about launchers, themes and this is the time for icons, remember one thing that launchers provide the base and show the behavior for your mobile, whereas icons are for styling purposes, even we get icons with our launchers, or it just uses our default ones, so we are in this tutorial going a little deeper, and we will look at changing them in the launchers, so it looks even better.

Top Free Icon Packs for Android:

Take a look at some of the free icon packs here which are right below this, there are tons of more available on the play store, these are the top rated and I like the most.

Polycon - Icon Pack:

The icon pack which brings a fresh look to your phone, this icon pack has got 520+ vector images, and it supports all the launchers and not just that it even supports the theme engines ( this topic we will discuss in the upcoming tutorials ), It even got cloud wallpapers features so give it a try.

Moonshine - Icon Pack:

Moonshine got 925+ vector images and not just that it even comes with the wallpapers ( to suit the icons ) but still you can apply your wallpapers as well. These icons are high in quality and go with the material design. 

CandyCons - Icon Pack :

Candycons comes with the 1000 icons with the material design, and this even supports the theme engines as well, and just not that this icon pack supports 24 different types of launchers that are available on the play store, you can even customize those icons by changing the color variants as well.

Retro Icons Pack:

This lovely icon pack got above 1150 icons and got updated or added latest icons every week as well, as the name indicates all the icons are not round, but they are interesting, have a look at them and try it out.

Orbis - Icon Pack:

This pack came with more than 1500 icons and updated regularly, this comes with 50 wallpapers and supports popular launchers as well. This round looking icon looks great with the materialistic wallpapers.

Zolo Icon - Pack:

These round looking icons are better with materialistic wallpapers, it got around 750+ cool icons, this comes with flat style and supports multiple launchers to apply the icon packs.

Numix Fold - Icon Pack:

This package comes with 250+ icons and more upcoming as well, it supports high resolutions so you can even try this with your tablets as well; This folded looking icons are great with any wallpapers so give it a try, this also supports multiple launchers as well.

How to apply icons:

Icons can be used in many ways, for example, some of the icons comes with the interface were you can directly apply those icons there itself, whereas some don't so you have to go with the launchers, So if you want to apply from the launchers just go to the launcher settings ( not your mobile settings ), and then there look for the icon and select it, then it will show the installed icon packs on your device. If you are using a theme engine, then it's even more simple you can just go to the icons and select desired icons and apply them.

Conclusion :

Above you have taken a look at some of the best icon packs that are available now in the play store, I want you to do some experimenting and show off your skills, in our next tutorial we will be talking about the fonts, so stay tuned for that. And after doing some experimentation take a screen shot and attach it below, so that we can understand how well you're following this tut.

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