Why Can't You Stop Receiving Windows 10 Updates (Ever Wonder Why is that)!?

Windows 10 is the hottest and the last version of windows, that's what they said yes it is the last version of windows and Microsoft even changed the traditional numbering system and skipped the windows 9 update and made a way for the windows 10. Why did they do it and what all that so important and what they think it's so important and what are its plans no one have a clue, Microsoft succeeded to kept all its secrets safe and no leaks about the information at all. But here the story goes weird why can't you control your OS?

how to stop windows 10 updates

The windows 10 has been launched on 29th July 2015, it's been a 8 months already and we don't even have a clue why the hack we cannot control the updates and it's been set to download updates automatically and we cant even disable it, and why that disabling button is disabled no idea at all.

That's not the issue to think off, think about the Cortana when you setting up the Cortana for the first time in the agreement it says that Microsoft will be checking your data constantly for a betterment of the newer updates like that blah blah stuff. Here's a big mistake was done by the Microsoft playing with the privacy of its users.

That's even caused a havoc among the users, this resulted in the splitting off its users in two types, those who doesn't like the situation switched to the Linux. Yes, the Linux they all shifted to the Linux which is better at the privacy of course its a open source so no body cares about taking your data for their studies. But the other kind started complaining to the Microsoft about the privacy issues, but the Microsoft made it clear that it will not stop taking the data form the users. And the users had no choice left to stay with the windows or to shift to other operating systems that available on the market.

Why is Microsoft is so stubborn about the data and the updating system, still no one had an idea may be, most of them think that it will prevent the pirated users from using the windows for free by making the updates strictly and they can keep track of the pirated users at any cost? But before the release of windows 10 back in July, it had released a notice saying that even pirated users can update to the windows 10 update without paying a single penny. But later that story again changes and they released an another notice it's not available for pirated users and for the genuine users its free for one year and after that they have to pay every year!!.

We still don't know about that why they changed their word, here it effected may users of windows as well, But our main concern is our data and it is us only that what we care the most, that's why we use encryption's and every thing to keep our data safe but here the Microsoft violating our thrusts and taking our data.

My experience with windows 10 is, when they released the final preview i just downloaded that and went to my system and formatted it and installed it, the first defect was it consumes lots of memory for the graphics and the internal codes of software's to run, and the other decreases in download rate, it's eating all my data just like that for its updates and all the shitty things that you don't know and not concerned about, and the others are you cannot stop or control your operating system, and feel like i was being watched every second and it's controlling you. These are the main reasons that had returned back to windows 7 within a single day, yes i did formatted again windows 10 was too scary and doesn't suit me at all, when i engaged in the conservation with my friends about windows 10 update they were all freaked out too, i felt like its a perfect combination of beauty and the beast.

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There are a lots of threats to our data in the windows 10, like if a crazy black hat hacker breached Microsoft and sell our data in the black market, and i think Microsoft is not stubborn as Apple to fight at FBI for securing our data, so think twice before using it, i personally like the windows 10 UI a lot but there are more freaky things inside it, who knows it even may contain backdoors as well.

I think windows 10 is a combination of beauty and the beast, i don't blame Microsoft doing the stuff that it likes, its free to do any thing that it wants it all depends on us that if we like it we use it or else we shift to others that what we are. The people who thrust a giant company like Microsoft can freely use it without bothering about the others at all.

What are your experiences about the windows 10 tell us in the comments?


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