How to save your android phones battery and some optimization tricks!


Battery's are small amount of power sources for our beloved mobiles, they provide power to function the mobiles as we all know about that, at the same time we even know another thing that is battery's of mobiles suck a lot. Its a huge headache when you ran out of battery and thrust me that happens every single day while playing an game or while in an important conservation, to think of it its just countless times we come across this daily routine problem.

tips for saving android battery

Now read below to know solve this kind of problems, i am not saying that this steps gonna make your mobile a legend that will give you a battery for life time but this techniques will extends the life of your battery a little more.

Extending Battery's Life :

Saving battery's life involves a lots of steps and may be some factors that we cannot change unless we are big developers, so let us get stick to the basics of rescuing our battery's. Before we go any further i wanted every one to know a little bit of things on which the life of battery depends.

Things that are responsible for battery draining :

Many factors are involved for battery draining, like which ROM you're using and the applications which are installed even your mobile signal strength involves in battery draining, so there a hell of things that depend on battery. Some times you even wonder that battery got drained even if you didn't use it. There are many people i had seen faced the reverse charging as well (no offence for them :P). Even the kernel gets involved in this so you may can try different kernels if the stock one doesn't suit your usage.

Steps to optimize the battery :

  • Try to use your mobile with the manual brightness and keep it low as much as possible, mobile phones suck lot of battery in this process. 
  • The other step is while your're travelling or you're in a area where there's no signal then keep your phone in flight mode to save your battery. This simple trick will help you while when you go for a hiking or to an remote area. 
  • Always try to clean your ram and memory in the mobiles, because most of phones comes with multitasking capability so they keep running the programs which you left them and forgot. 
  • Or if you're on the latest version like lollipop or marshmallow you can enable developers options and turn on the don't keep activities or may be you can set the background process limit to save your battery and you even can enable app kill etc. 
  • You even can try optimizing the battery if you're not getting the SOT you're desiring then probably can change the rom and kernel if you're rooted
  • Also try optimizing the battery in the settings, you can actually do the optimization for single apps as well. 

Using some third party applications to save battery :

You can use many third party applications to save your battery, they actually clear your cache and even delete some temp files to save your ram and battery at the same time and not just that they are capable of saving battery with advanced algorithms and allowing apps to use your battery carefully.

Some of the apps are,
  • DU battery saver 
  • Battery doctor 
  • Avast battery saver 
  • Go battery saver 
  • Battery life repair pro 
these are some of the best battery saving apps on the google play now, just google them or you can simply download them from google play and try them note that these are free applications so you're free to try them.

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Conclusion :

Android phones consume lot's of battery and every one knows about it but these techniques are important if you're too much considered about battery as i am, i personally use this techniques to ensure the battery's is good and healthy. So try it on your self do some experiments and note down the things that worked for you and the things that doesn't worked for you of course this technique helps you realize whats working and whats not and you can able to guess how's your mobile reacting with your custom settings. I hope this simple tutorial helped you out, if it please feel free to comment and let us know that makes us feel happy and encourages us to do work hard.


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