Make your android phone look even better with these app launchers

Android app launchers are the best way to change the flavors so here today we are presenting some of the best launchers that are present currently in the market today, This gonna be a series of guides on How to theme your android device, this series of guides completely for modifying and theming for your device to outstand among your friends and coligs. So this is the first among these series, this part will completely focus on the basics like what is a theme in the first place and of course the list of best theme launchers.

Best Android Launchers

Before we start our tutorial i wanna make sure one thing that, you're here because you wanted your mobile to look outstanding and unique among your friends, If you're just a normal user that doesn't want to do anything then this is not the right place for you my friend, because theming is an Art where you express your thoughts and your attitude so if you do nothing then this is no use.

What are themes :

So what are themes? in the first place, we are modifying our devices and changing themes so this is the most basic thing that we should know, So what do you mean by theme, a theme is a set of code or set of variables that modify the UI (User Interface), changing this we can control the flavor and the behavior how your mobile works maybe we can add some additional tweaks as well, To be simple themes are piece of software that changes how your phone looks.

List of best app launchers :

In these series of theming tutorials, the launchers are the first topic because they help us modifying other things later you'll get to know once we get started so just follow the tutorial.
Here the list goes like this,

Nova Launcher :

Nova launcher got a big name among the launcher community, not just because it looks good but its because it provides lots of functionality for modifying, yes it provides modifications customization changing fonts, icons and much more we will discuss that later in the upcoming series of tutorials but for now just stick with this. Nova launcher provides features like changing icons changing sizes of icons fonts and much more.

Google Now Launcher :

Google now launcher is the stock launcher that comes with the nexus devices, this is like a stock launcher that provides all the stock features, you can experience the stock flavor although it might not provide that great customization but you still can feel the stock flavor that is intended for that how it made it to our list.

Arrow Launcher :

This launcher is developed and designed by the Microsoft, it has tried to conquer the android through this launcher, but it might not go that well, but it still got some features and tricks up at its sleeves. This provides a great platform for customization that we will require afterwards for other modifications.

Action Launcher 3 :

This is one of  greatest launchers that have been awarded for its great work, it provides great themes and not just that, it got some lots of features like sidebar where you can access all your applications just like that and many like changing icons and fonts etc.

Go Launcher :

This is the best-personalized launcher, it's like an all in one shop, where you can get anything, you can change fonts, icons, wallpapers and much more, just try it downloading and do some experiments and explore yourself.

Launcher X :

It got lots of functionality where your imagination is your limit, at least it says that i think this launcher is the combination of action launcher and the nova launcher. but still remember it got lots of features to explore.

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Conclusion :

These are the launchers that got lots of features, so before going to the other tutorials about styling your phone, i want you to understand your launcher completely how it works and its features, explore it on your own and don't forget to experiment. For our other tutorials try using the nova launcher because i will be working on that, and it got lots of features that work well with the nova launcher but remember its all up to you and how you feel it, my suggestion is nova launcher. And stay tuned for the next tutorial where we will discuss about the icon packs and how we can change the icons of that will make your phone more awesome.


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