Top free Font packs (android) and how to apply them ?

Fonts this is our fourth tutorial in our theming android series, Top free Font packs (android) and how to apply them? in this, we will only discuss the fonts.  We also talk about the importance of font and how are they going to help us in achieving our goal that is theming, of course, we will also take a look at how to apply them as well.

free fonts for android

Fonts are a great deal when it comes to the theming, there are different fonts available on the internet, and you would have seen on the web or googles site or maybe you would have even heard off calligraphy somewhere on the internet, Calligraphy only deals with the fonts like designing fonts and much more there is a lot of importance to the fonts, so we will apply this to our mobiles to make it look even better. We won't go into depth like calligraphy or typography more; I was just trying to explain the importance of fonts. Our sole purpose is how to apply them to our mobile phones.

Importance of Fonts:

Fonts are form of art, they are the one's that act on our brains they help us read and understand or can change our feelings with fonts as well, Fonts are a great deal you know that's kind of hard to explain how they are important or what it's important when you get deep into the designing field like doing adobe photoshop stuff, designing posters or cover pics for magazines you will get to know the importance of those, for now just remember my advice fonts are the deal to hypnotise your audiences. So just don't forget the importance of fonts they are bigger and better than you imagine.

Best Font Packs for Android: 

Font packages contains lots of different styles of fonts in it you have to choose them carefully or you can just download specific font if you know the name of it then just google it like " Ubuntu Fonts " for Android, like this but to reduce your burden ill post some of the best font packs that are available on the play store, but always remember that they may be not that good as well so do your own research about it.

Here is the list of some free icon packs
  • Calligraphy Font - Rooted (your mobile should be rooted in order to use this font).
  • Fonts Clean for FlipFont.
  • 50 Free Fonts.
Note: This are some of the interesting font provider applications that are currently available on the Google play store, so check that out and don't forget that this may not be the best they are good enough to try them.

How to apply fonts:

Fonts are simple to implement, but it has so many methods to use them, I'll mention all here.

1. Apply from settings menu:
Yep you can use from settings menu (i.e., your mobile settings menu ), some of the from providers give this additional option to apply fonts, to do this you need to go to settings -> display -> fonts.
There you can choose from the installed list of fonts on your device. This is pretty simple to apply from settings, but I think that support was available up to KitKat, then later on the support was removed but, if you're using any other custom ROM's then you can apply if it provides that option. 

2.  Apply them using Launchers:

We discussed the launchers (our first topic in theming android), if you haven't read it, I strongly recommend to do that. Here is the link for our launchers tutorial. With the help of launchers, it's as simple as applying from the settings menu in step 1. In this, you need to open the launcher settings instead of opening the default settings app. Then in the launcher settings you can look for fonts option then you can see the installed list of fonts and just choose one from them and boom its done.

3. Apply from Fonts application interface :

Some of the font packs provide support for applying fonts on devices, but often they require root permissions (better stay away from them if you don't want to mess with your phone), so i think for now that you are a rooted user (like me :D), then its simple you can just open your fonts pack application and just select the font you want to apply and click on apply (or any button), it may require system UI to restart so simply reboot your system and that's it, you have successfully used the fonts ( congratulations ).

Conclusion :

Fonts look not that important topic in the beginning but once you understand the question deeply then you'll get to know the importance of it, so do some research use google or yahoo get your detailed information about the calligraphy why does it matter? or why practice it? like that. And remember that the above mentioned font packs are good and i suggest you but you are free to try any other fonts as well, if have any other fonts that might help others too then just let us know we will update them in the list :D . There are some font packs require root permissions, i suggest you to stay away if you don't know any thing about rooting. That stuff is for developers and all so don't mess with your phone. 

What do you think of this tutorial ? have anything to add or have some suggestions we are happy to hear it please let us know through comments or just contact us. If you like our work share it with your friends and colleague's and family members. Thanks for taking your time to reading this.


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