Theme your android phone with Layers Manager

Hello, guys this is the fifth tutorial in the series of theming your android phone. And today we are gonna talk about the "layers". Layers is an advanced topic and this is not like our previous topics, where we discussed launchers, themes, icon packs, fonts.

Theme your android with layers

Note: This is an advanced topic, so we require root permissions.
Don't know what is rooting check it out here.
Ok, now let's get back to our topic.

What are Layers ?

As we all know android is a layer of Linux, so what that means is android runs on the linux operating system, as one of many layers. In internally android OS also a combination of different layers, that are placed on each other one on another, so that makes some sense. This is exactly like how we design images in photoshop, where we use layers to design images where each layer will be placed on each other. Just like that android works as well. Where we have four main layers namely, "Linux Kernel", "Hardware Abstraction Layer", "Libraries and Android runtime", "Application Framework", "Applications". These layers are the main four layers that describe functions and working of an android OS. The below figure gives the brief explanation about this.

Android layers map

In today's tutorial, we will use layers manager, an application that available on google play to play with some of the user interface layers. So let's get started.

What is a Layers Manager

So Layers Manager is an android application that can change the values of a user interface, but this requires the root permissions. This application is very simple to use and very user-friendly, and also provides lots of layer themes that can be downloaded so that even if you're just a noob you can still play with this just downloading the "layer" that you like and applying it.

Download Layers Manager from here.

How Layer Mager works

Here's the simple explanation that how layers manager works, As we discussed above android os is designed with lots of layers, this layres manager app manages those layers and modifies the default values so that it behaves differently. but this app doesn't affect all the layers, this only deals with application layers, and application frameworks (no damaging of your hardware). This layers manager takes the layers that you have selected and changes just that values so it won't affect all the layres, in "themes" we change the total look and there we cannot control how many themes we can apply or so, but with this layers manager we have even great advantage, we can control how much  you wanna theme or so. Just select the layer that you wanted to apply and reboot (reboot is needed because android OS looks at the UI changes only at the startup so we needed to reboot so that system can notice there are changes made to the UI).

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How to use layers Manager:

To use layers manager just head over to the google play and download the layers manager it's absolutely free of cost. Now after downloading and installing the layer manager, open it up now, for the first time it will ask for root permissions. just grant that (it won't work if you don't have root permissions). Now there you can see the simple user interface. There is a floating icon, that is used to load the layers themes directly from your internal or external storage. but you still can download layers from google play, there is hell out of layers available for downloading, most of them are free and for the premium versions you have to pay, though. after installing the desired layer. head over to the layers manager, there now you can see the layer that you have installed now just tap on that, and you can apply all the overlays or select just single overlay, that are provided by the layer that you have downloaded, simply just click apply and then reboot that's it.

You will be amazed seeing the power of styling android with this application, you can try different layers. Another tip is you can download multiple layers from google play and you can select the different overlays from different layers so that it form's a unique theme for you. Have fun and be experimenting.


Layers is an advanced topic in theming android, so you need to have root permission to use this stuff or else you will be kicked out of the application. You better root your phone before installing this application, so that you can taste the true potential of this application. As I always say be experimenting and do your own research and make your own unique theme for your android that best suits you.


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