How to use ROM's for advanced theming options in Android?

As we are discussing in theming android phones, this is the last one in the series. In this, we will be discussing how we can take advantage of ROM's. And believe me, this one will be totally cool among your friend circle when this is done.

custom ROM's for android devices

Now first things first, we need to know about what are ROM's and how can they help us. To know about that read below carefully so that you won't get be worry about your mobile later on.

What are ROM's:

Before we use ROM's to our advantage, we need to know what they are and what are their impacts on our mobiles, without knowing all that stuff we will be in big trouble if anything goes wrong.

So what are ROM's, here I'm not talking about the chips that say it is a "read-only memory", where our bootup instructions are written, But this is entirely different from that, though there will be ROM chips in our mobiles and we are not gonna bother with them, we here only to discuss about changing ROM's. I.e., we will change our Android OS in our mobile that comes pre-installed. We will be formatting stock OS, and we will be installing the new one that we like the most.

Advantages of installing ROM's:

There are lots of benefits that come from installing latest operating systems. Some of them are, you can change themes, and the most recent operating system comes with latest and cool new features that are not available on our stock operating systems, and if you are a developer or wanna be a developer in the feature, doing this you will be greatly rewarded. You get the experience of installing or changing latest operating systems and flashing back stock operating systems. But over all the latest features that are available only in your latest system but not in your old system that's the main advantage.

Disadvantages of installing ROM's: 

As there are advantages there will be disadvantages, some of them are, there may be lots of bugs as those are designed and coded by some third party programmers, we cannot guarantee you that latest operating system that you installed will work fine without any problems, but if you are a developer and if you can understand what causing that problem you can easily resolve that problem on your own and publish that problem in online communities so that others can solve that as well.

If you are new to styling Android, I'd love to suggest you to read more about it here

How ROM's are good for theming:

As we know, theming is a very big topic, and this is the sixth issue we are discussing bout theme your Android. There is an added advantage by installing the custom ROM's we can know the structure and code how that works because the developer would have open sourced the code and published on GitHub so that anyone can develop their own or modify the existing one. By knowing those details we can develop latest features and add our features to that, that's how today's world of developers are working. There are may ROM's that provide latest features and more customization than any operating system that we are used to, like CyanogenMod it is known for its customization that provides to its customers.

You can get your CyanogenMod form here.

As we need to change the operating system, we need to have root permissions to make changes to the internal structure. So before going to change your current operating system make sure, that you are properly rooted and have the resources to come back to your current operating system if anything goes wrong.

In CyanogenMod operating system we have an app theme, with that we can theme single application interfaces and much more, change fonts, icons and boot animations this is like our previous tutorial where we talk about layers. But this got more advanced features as well, but one more added advantage is you can still use layers in CyanogenMod too. That way you can style your Android phone much further.

Conclusion :

So what we learned is we can take the advantage of our latest OS to manipulate and get our results that we are seeking for. But remember one thing when changing your OS, that you need to have the android backup so that you won't lose anything or else you will be in big trouble. Losing your data makes you nuts so make sure you either have the backup or that you can still get back to your stock ROM.

This is it all about styling Android or theming your Android phone. Have any queries or doubt's feel free to ask us through comments or you can contact us directly.


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