Smart Tips To Make Your Android Battery Life Even Better

Hai Friends! Today you can make your phone Battery life better and better with this Post "Smart Tips To Make Your Android Battery Life Even Better". Nowadays Everyone owns a Mobile phone as the Technology is increasing day by day New Features and New Functionality has been upgraded from simple to professional. So using the new Features and Functionality has become more attractive to every user.

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As Smartphone had introduced with an intention to build an easier way to the public, but now it has become the diseases like we can't stay without a smartphone. Technology had introduced many things which help to everyone if they are a part of it, as the Android phone which runs in smart ways that every user will take an advantage of using it. Using a Phone for a long time can drain your battery, and stop your work. So improve your battery life Even better with this Power saving tips.
Below I listed Smart Ways that help you to Save and improve your Battery life Better and Better. The reasons behind battery get weak Processor can't handle more queries, Using high Brightness and many more scenarios which come to drain your battery, Read below Tip to save and improve your battery life even better.

Tips To Boost Your Android Phone Battery Life.

Analyse the thing which you forget while using your smartphone and your batter get losing its charge. The below tip can increase your phone battery for a longer time, Read and Follow them carefully and tells us by commenting below.

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1.Turn Off Wireless Buttons When Not In Use.

It is an important issue that everyone will forget to off the wireless network. Wireless Networks Means WiFi Button, Bluetooth, Mobile data button, etc. When these Buttons are in ON position they will RUN something For example if we are travelling from one place to other locations the Wi-Fi get connected automatically to non-secured Wifi routers and start doing his work, notify us when something gets updated in our social network or update our mobile applications and Games. So better to keep it off when these buttons are not in use.

2. Avoid Automatic OR Adaptive Brightness.

I am not saying to ignore this feature, instead of using automatic or adaptive brightness make use of manual brightness system, this will help you to set the brightness manually if you are using a phone configured to required brightness, if not better to keep in zero level.

3. Keep Device Software Up-to-Date.

This Tip gives energy for your phone, any update nothing but it can be Fix bugs, Remove errors, update old mobile version, improving apps which work in a better manner, a lot of things comes when we keep our device up to date.

4. Removing Unwanted Apps.

These tips help you to increase your internal memory by removing unwanted apps from our mobile phone. Installing more apps may lead to struck you phone or device Run slowly, so analyze unwanted app and remove them for better performance.

5. Switch Off Location Services.

Some application uses location-based services like GPS. Switch off your GPS when there is no need, it will reduce your phone speed and Battery Performance, so to improve your Performance of Battery life better to turn off.

6. Turn Auto-Synchronization Data OFF.

Auto Synchronization will sync the data for installed application; these applications need your data to process their request like online recharge apps will sync your contact for recharge purpose, other apps which will conserve data conversation and sync your data it may lead to drop your battery performance, so better to turn it off auto synchronization. If required go for Manual sync.

7. Turn On Battery Saving Mode.

Every Android mobile content a power saving mode option in build, it gets set to off when the system gets off, and you can save battery performance, so Every time keeps On battery saving mode option.

8. Don't Use Third Party Batteries.

Using of Third party batteries is like a temporary building a performance, but it will not support you for a long time, so better to go with branded Batteries and make a return for the longer time.

9. Better To Turn OFF Vibration.

Vibration plays a significant role if we can't make here sound, in some cases vibration will heat our phone and reduce soon battery life, so the tip is to turn off vibration when it is not useful.

10. Reduce Screen Timeout.

These will help you to save battery when our phone is not in use. Reducing the screen timeout to the first level and save battery life for the longer time.


I hope you read full, and you like our article. Follow the tip to save the android battery life for better; the ten most useful tip explained above to read it and perform on your phone to get better performance of your battery. Below is our sharing links so please do share on the different social network and subscribe with mail id to get updates directly to your inbox.


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