Best Kickass Torrents alternatives and Kickass's new Homepage

Hello guys, I am back with the latest article to let you download your favorite files online with new or the best torrent sites. As we all the big fans of torrents, because it lets us download huge amounts of files easily or gives the ability to download the files even when they are interrupted, and that's the beauty of that and I absolutely a big fan of this stuff myself.
Kickass Torrents

If you are the internet maniac like me or just like any other person online like you and like me, knows that all the pirated stuff got banned by the government officials and other government organizations, to protect the content and to help the large companies to save their revenue.

Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Kickass Torrents is the most loved and trusted torrent client for all of your latest files to download, before the this " The Pirate Bay" was the most leading client but when the government decided to ban this site then the users shifted to the Kickass Torrents, that's where the revolution of Kickass started, It offered may more services like Kickass forums and many more others to help its users and not just that it hold the  hand of TPB (The Pirate Bay) and its workers to get it back up online.

Now the Kickass is gone and the remaining best torrent file downloaders or service providers are the "The Pirate Bay" and the other one is "Extra torrents". These two are leading torrent service providers online right now. The Kickass site with the Alexa rank of 69 the leading site than BBC and others. Finally took down by the government.

The other two torrent providers such as Extra torrents reported that they have experienced the spike in their traffic to their sites of 300 % approximately. And this thing is not a normal, the users of Kickass torrents are searching for the alternatives and they are finding good with the extra torrents and the pirate bay. Because these two sites providing the good forums and other options to their customers and users. These makes other users attract towards them.

The pirate bay and the extra torrents are holding the hand of kickass to get back online and provide its services back, the 30-year-old owner of Kickass torrents got arrested this year that leads to the downfall of kickass site mainly.

Kickass is now back online with new name

Yes guys, kickass is now back online with all of its database and its users are migrating back to its site to download the files and all the servers are shifted to the darknet and all of its servers are back online making police and other cyber security officers finding difficult, to track it down and delete all the files or block it again

And the Kickass torrents got new domain name "" now you can continue downloading the software's and games again without any trouble and if you care about your security then try using the VPN services to protect yourself or use the tor browser to browse anonymously. Browsing anonymously is the major concern for everyone but unfortunately, we are lacking at that because of the government but remember that is for our good only, to protect us from terrorists and other organizations that try to harm us.
Most of the secret organizations do their dealings online to cover their tracks easily, and they do things like uploading or leaking the important data of us or they just sell our hacked data online or on the black market for higher prices. To prevent all of this stuff government and other cyber security officials are working to make the internet a better place for everyone to use.

Why Torrent sites are best

Torrent sites are the best because of only one sole reason and that is the files size it provides the capacity and the usability is completely awesome in this like the file size of ".torrent" file is in some kilobytes that can give you 100's of GB's of data when you complete downloading. And that is awesome right, completely awesome right guys and it has any other reason that is when you normally download the files using some browsers they don't have the capability to resume the download but this is not true with the torrent files, they have the capability of resuming for files, the servers that give the torrent downloading gives great time limit for downloading. 

At the same time, they all are risky to use to because as they all are being the pirated there may be mixed with the viruses, that may lead to stealing your data and may be other harmful things happen, don't rush unless you exactly know what you are doing.


Torrent sites are completely awesome and there are lots or tons of websites available online to provide services to its users to download the large amounts of data, and the most famous ones are the Kickass , The Pirate Bay, and the Extra torrents, most of the users are showing their interest towards these sites to download the data. If you have anything to add or any suggestions, just comment us below. And don't forget to share this post and like us. Thank you guys for reading this article on torrents.

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