BlackBerry DTEK50 Android high security smartphone and its specs

BlackBerry phones are well-known phones, and the company has its type of reputation around the world, and most of the Blackberry phones come with its operating system just like Windows and Apple, and this OS has a reputation of security features that it offers for us is simply amazing, and most of the people love this company mobiles due to this reason. And today we are going to look at the low-budget blackberry DTEK50 high-security phone that is offered by the corporation.

Blackberry DTEK50

Whoever loves the blackberry smartphones for this is a golden opportunity for them to taste the Android flavor and take the advantage of security that is offered at the same time and this is a two on two situations where you can get the taste of Android and the security, Blackberry is trying to remove the problems related to the security in Android operating system, as Android is an open source system, it is more vulnerable to threats and with the blackberry's latest security smartphone we can enjoy it with worrying about the problems or safety issues that may occur in the feature.

Blackberry's DTEK50 security phone specs

Blackberry had experienced a massive loss in the last five years which even lead to give on the mobile industry, and now the company is making to make a come back with its latest security smartphone and which is set to launch in the next month probably. And the specs that are offered by this mobile phone is below here
  • Screen: 5.2' scratch resistant display
  • 8MP front facing camera and 13MP auto-focus rear camera
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB Internal storage
  • 2,610mAh battery (Quick Charge 2.0)
  • Snapdragon 617soC 8 Cortex-A53 running at 1.5Ghz
  • Blackberry security
  • OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).
These specs seem quite promising and three gigs of ram it enables multiprocessing more smooth and fluid which gives the best performance. And don't forget about the security features that are offered, by this phone.

This mobile is set to launch into the market for sales from next month onwards, but you can still pre-order your mobile from their official website if you bought you are eligible to get some of the accessories for this mobile along with the device such as power bank and much more. This free cost would be you 275 euros if you bought the mobile in pre-order. Otherwise, the mobile may cost you around $300. This mobile is set to launch on August 8, 2016.

Security of DTEK50

Blackberry had kept so much care for the safety of this mobile while developing the OS for this mobile; they had put everything that a perfect security device needs to have. This security smartphone knows automatically when any suspicious activity is being performed, if so then it will report it back immediately to you about what was happening, Thanks to the Blackberry security that protects your privacy from hackers and other hijackers.

blackberry device security status

This blackberry's device security software keeps track of you mobile and continuously check for any suspicious activities happening in your mobile and reports that all here, and it will make a report and give the status of your free risk. This risk status helps you keep track of the security information that is a lot more valuable than you think to protect your data from anyone else. This software looks at your messages if any software or application that is installed on your device accessing your details secretly or like sending messages without your permission and all of this stuff are completely controlled by this blackberry's security software.

Blackberry's Hub

Blackberry has introduced another fresh application for DTEK50 that is blackberry hub this application reduces your efforts and time ultimately by keeping or displaying every messages or email that you get at a single place, that means no switching between multiple apps to get your work done, that intern takes your time and energy and the same time this process eats lots of Rams to run multiple processing, and this can be avoided with this single application that comes with device.

blackberry's hub

As you can see in the above image all the notifications and messages that you get on all of the social media that you signed up are shown here at a single place, this application is like a junction that connects all the social media notifications and messages and work email and important work details and messages all at one place saving your time and energy.

Blackberry's Intelligence keyboard

Blackberry have got another great piece of software up its sleeves for us, and this is the as the heading suggests the intelligence keyboard, this learns from our typing, it checks the speed and the words that we type, and when it got the enough details about us then it will start suggesting words that we mostly use when we are typing and alike all of the other keyboards it also spell checks and gives the dictionary words as well along with that it checks our typing patterns.


What do you think of blackberry's latest Android mobile, do you believe that this mobile is secured as it says or will it be having troubles with the hackers, and finally does this blackberry can again make a comeback with this cell phone what do you really think of this phone guys let us know in the comments below.


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