Command Prompt Tricks Windows 7/8/10

Hello all, Today we will take a look at command prompt tricks. Most of us don't know what a command prompt is because it's a little bit of geek stuff and not everyone wants to know about that right, but if you are here means you're interested in it. If you? Then join us in this journey of dos commands.

command prompt

So I want everyone to follow up in this tut so, I'll start from basics I mean I'll explain what is a command window is, and then we will move on to the tricks section, stay tuned because we will go through some interesting command prompt hacks as well.

What is a Command Prompt

Command Prompt is an interface for the user to communicate with the computer. Simple enough right, but you may ask if it is a user interface then why don't we use it? As it say's in the definition. If you requested that then it is true, but think of command prompt as a mediator, who speaks with the computer for you in return it takes the commands (orders to perform or what to tell to the computer or what you wanted to say to the computer etc), this stuff is little tricky to use because we need to memorize the commands and the attributes it takes, that a little bit confusing to regular computer user, that's why we have been introduced to "User Interface", Even this does the same thing as command prompt but in little different manner such as, we use mouse to give commands that we don't need to remember commands so that non-computer users can use it without any difficulties.
So now you have enough explanation about what command prompt is right, this is good information to remember. But also remember one thing there are a lot of stuff there that graphical user interface lacks to do but the command prompt can. So that's why even when UI (User Interface) is dominating it, it is still alive in our systems. 

How does Command Prompt look?

We all seen it at least once when we are using computers, while installing new software's or drivers or maybe at least on the internet right, but still take a look at this below image so that you will have a good idea about it, and however this is the thing on which we are working today.

command prompt

How to enable copy and paste in CMD

Every command prompt user knows that we cannot copy and paste things in command prompt, and if we really want to do that we have to click right and click on paste, but we cannot use shortcut "ctrl+v", and that's not okay, but don't worry we can do that now, with the latest windows update. 

This can only be done on the versions greater than 7, yes it doesn't support Windows 7, but it supports from windows 8 to windows 10. Now take a look at it how we can do that.
  • Open the command prompt with administration rights
  • Right click on top left corner of the windows as shown below
cmd properties

After clicking the properties, you will get a pop up as below.

cmd experimental properties

Here I marked the fields that need to be activated for this trick to work, once you have enabled this two check boxes now copy and paste should be working fine, Check it out this helps programmers or any CMD users to done their job faster.

How to change text color in CMD

This one's the best for everyone and not just that it looks cool too, it's very simple to do as well, there are two types of color changing techniques one is permanent and other is temporary.
  • For permanent color effect, we can do that as above one, where opened the properties right there you can see the color tab; there you can change the colors and font sizes.
  • For temporary effect open the command prompt just type "color 0(0-255 values), or just type color to see it's properties or the attribute list. And then you can choose from one of them, or you can play with all 0 to 255 values to see which one's best.
cmd with text color green

As you can see the above image, that's how you can change text color in cmd. Give it a try.

How to look cool with command prompt

Command prompt is useful to show off among your friends as well, with this simple trick you can use this when your friends are around you, and this will make you friends say "wow dude you're awesome." Trust me this worked for me as well; I have used this many times, and it never failed me.

Now we will take a look, this trick shows the directories of our current directories, for this trick to work right we will first change the text color using above method and then we will move to the local disk c root directory, because everything on you system will be available there, so it takes a long time to do and looks right for us. After going to the root directory just type "tree" command and see the magic.

cmd tree command

As you know the process will be going on just like that for a long time to finish, and this looks great, for this to look great you need to be on root directory, if you don't know how to move to  root directory just type this command "cd \" and you will on root directory.


Hope you like the tricks, this is just tip of the iceberg,  you can do more with this command prompt, and if you guy's like this tricks then I may be posting more cool command prompt stuff for you guys. And if you like this don't forget to share and like this. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. And don't forget to try those and report back us here.


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