How to Lock your PC with Pattern Lock (Eusing Maze Lock)

The threat is the major factor in any sector, we protect our data daily using passwords and encryption's. We keep passwords for our systems and mobile phones and change them every day so that no one know's about that right!.

Pattern Lock

Even in the field of security we find lots of fashion right, and the most famous one in the field is the "Pattern Lock," we use this daily on our smartphones. And we all love this and Imagine what if you can apply pattern lock for your PC (Personal Computer). Cool right, so today we try to apply that to our systems. Get ready guys, and don't forget to have fun doing it Thumbs up!.

Mobile Pattern Lock for PC

Setting pattern lock for PC isn't that difficult to do, It takes few clicks to do so, and some are dragging for our patterns :P.  Pattern Lock looks beautiful and provides adequate security as well at the same time; that's the advantage using models. Ok now let me take you off to the procedure and in a few minutes, you will be able to set multiple patterns for your PC.

First of all, download this pattern setting software from here.

And the software name is "Eusing Mage Lock" this app lock for PC lets you draw cool designs. This has a simple user interface which makes it easy to use.

Double click on it and follow the onscreen instructions to install the software, just like any other software. This won't take much time to install, Hardly a few minutes (1 min maximum depending on your system). After installation, it will help you using documentation were it shows the default pattern that set automatically and more. Anyway after installing we will get the configuration panel like this below.

Eusing Maze Lock - configuration

Here in these settings we can change the pattern and can also modify the background image or the pattern length just like in Android. You can also alter the locking time and change when you'd like to lock your system etc. In the point section as you can see in the above image, you can go up to 5*5 Pattern, i.e., you can get 25 dots to draw, extreme right and that's cool as well. You can set the different background in the background tab and also change the text on it, like "Never touch my PC" etc., as a warning message or anything you'd love to use.

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Not just that you can set-reset methods as well in case if you forgot your pattern and recovery techniques, can also use a password as the master password to unlock. This has an online help document where you can find the hotkeys and recovery methods, how to reset your pattern and much more. You can read the online documentation from here if you like.

Some of the hotkeys that are supported by this software are
  1. win + A: for locking the computer
  2. win + c: for opening configuration window
  3. Escape: for canceling incorrect lock pattern
  4. Enter: for showing/hiding pattern.
These are some useful hotkeys by the software developer. This software is safe to use as antivirus flags no ominous signs. 


This is a simple program right and great to use and simple as well, this app lock lets up set up multiple pattern locks and with the option for increasing the dots that's an added advantage, we can place, even more patterns using that I hope you liked the tutorial if you do, please like us and share this with your friends.


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