Why does Gyms and pokestops are disappearing in India

Pokemon GO has taken over the internet few weeks before, but now it seems to have lots of trouble and getting lost its customers trust. According to the people since last Thursday (i.e,21-07-2016 ), all the Gyms and PokeStops seems to disappear from the game, and the users don't know anything why does that happen.

pokemong go

The Niantic, the Pokemon Company, has taken the internet from July first, and in the beginning, they just released the game for 3 countries and then they released it for New Zealand, and they said it would take time to get release for entire world, and they also mentioned that they have no plans of releasing game yet to Asia. But the game was unofficially available on the internet until the next day when it was released, so the company couldn't do anything to its players and let them continue playing the game, but when the users of Pokemon GO increased they couldn't control the flow, and the servers started to getting crashed which results in bad service by the company to its users, and not just that all the users got frustrated due to the server issues.

Why Gyms and Pokestops Disappearing?

Few day's back users of Pokemon GO started reporting on Reddit, and other online forums asking other people why does the game stopped show Poker stops and gyms, they all went into confusion because of this, and then when people all around the India started posting about this issue on Twitter and other social media, it got to know that, Till now the people from TamilNadu, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kerala, Chennai, etc. are reported online that in their states the issue is found. And even me I was facing the same problem, as you guys can see in the below screenshots.

no pokestops and gyms-1pokemon go no pokestops-2

There were no Poker stops and frustrating right, this game has taken the gamers to the outer world, it made them get out from home to play the game, and now everyone is getting back to their normal states. Because the company still doesn't game any official reasons why this is happening, and no player can as the company or give or register a complaint, because the game wasn't officially released, so there was left no option for anyone but to wait until the official version get's out or the Poker stops and gyms return's back.

Pokemon GO for India

People are going crazy in India, and other countries around the world for this game, but the game was not officially launched, elsewhere so they have got forced to use the unofficial versions which are available on the web. But the company has no official news about releasing the game for rest of the world yet, They have said that the game may be available for India in September of this year. 

And yeah, the game was officially released in Japan yesterday, and this may be the reason for blocking the users in all over India. This could be one of the reasons because, to control and maintain the game for officially released countries, they are blocking the unofficial version users, until it is officially available for us to play. By doing this, they think that they can please the users who are got the official versions. This may be good, but the people in India are eagerly waiting for the game to get official launch.


By looking at all this, the company has said that they may release the game for all over Asia or at least in India this September, They didn't tell this correctly they may even release the game little earlier than the date or it may get even worse and go to next year for the official launch. And yeah and according to the latest news online there was a little story, that is taking over the internet from the last night, and that is, someone has completed the game; that means he had caught all the Pokemon that are available on Pokedex.

That was fantastic news and frustrating because we Indians don't even have the official version to try it out, and all the unofficial versions got blocked on the server side, by just blocking the poker stops and gyms they got rid of us, because we cannot play the game without Pokemon in them and even if they kept the Pokemon we wouldn't be having the poke balls to catch them and no fighting in the gyms as well. At this point we have left with only one choice because we cannot ask the company about the release what we can do is just to request them for the release and hope they release the game for us sooner or later.

 This is what happened guys for us let us all hope until we get the game or just forget, And I think by doing this may of us had lost their interest in playing this game. We don't know how people react when the game releases but for now it seems that 30 % of the players lost their interest towards the match.


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