God of Graphic Cards : AMD Radeon Pro SSG with 1000GB SSD

Graphic cards are the dream of all gamers and the designers, For the gamers to play the extremely high-quality games and rendering the images for designers and to design or mold the 3D images or animation etc is simply requires great graphic cards to all that sort of work, to solve all of those problems AMD introduced the "God" or "Mother" of graphic cards, yes they claim it as a god of graphic cards, "AMD Radeon Pro SSG with 1000GB SSD" is considered as the god of graphic cards.

Radeon Pro SSG

Graphic cards are dream for gamers right, we all want graphic cards for one or the other work to play games or to express or passion through our designs and art of making, for all that to work properly and make us more creative we need high-end graphic cards to make our workflow smooth and easier to control. To know more about working and the price of the card read below.

Nvidia Titan X and Radon Pro SSG

Nvidia has launched the Titan X a few days back, Which has the 12 GB of video memory, The Titan X was alone enough to stop the hearts of gamers, but now the AMD came up with its master card and surprised the entire industry with its latest architecture which helps to maximum performance than any other cards that available on the market today. This card gonna solve all the problems related to the graphics easily, and give you the best performance that you can't even imagine in your dreams.
Nowadays the high-end graphic cards become necessary to do our jobs and for luxury as well, so the AMD released the Radon Pro to gamers who are hunger of new high-end graphic cards.

Nvidia Titan-x

AMD demonstrated the Radon Pro in the Capsaicin Siggraph 2016 and showed its customers what it actually capable off. In the demonstration, they showed working of it as, 8k raw video at 90 fps and along with the Pro SSG, the reading speed of a file stored on a computer with SSD was 900MB per second but when they added the Radon Pro SSG the speed was increased to jaw-dropping 4GB per second. As this shows off everything that this new piece of new hardware can do to your computer.

The company has announced in the meeting that this card may be available in the market from 2017 onwards. Maybe the new era of graphics will begin in the next year, which will make us happy and improve our experimental intelligence to do more experimentation and explore the world of imagination, I think that with the help of graphic cards like this, will make the future of virtual reality more amazing and awesome to experience the imagination world.

AMD Radon Pro SSG breaking the memory barrier

Most of the graphic cards which are available for us now even high-end graphic cards has to depend on the motherboard's connected storage to add extra memory for processing. The graphic cards which become max when processing then the video memory depend on the memory that is connected to the motherboard. Even the AMD's graphic card max's at 32 GB of video memory.

In this condition, the extra memory is gained by contacting the CPU for accessing the system storage. So the AMD has equipped the PRO SSG with 2 PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots which allow this graphic card to support 1 TB of NAND flash memory, so with the help of this they are making available the reserve memory of its own, Having the reserved memory the card can perform good and well even when the video card memory exceeds its limit. This one main thing which makes the difference from other graphic cards that are available.

Price of AMD Radeon Pro SSG

What do you think this beast cost's us extremely high, right and this reaches our expectation of high price, this was price tagged at  $9,999. The card with the terabyte of SSD-storage support, For its reserve when the video ram exceeds its limits it will help the card not to loose its performance even in difficult times, so this part makes a big difference in the basic graphic card architecture so this piece definitely costs us a huge price to get that. But believe me whoever has it will be the luckiest person.


Graphic cards are completely cool and awesome because they help us render our graphics and improve visual effects to look even cooler and help us to have the better experience with whatever we are doing or want, simply they improve our fun that excites us even more, If you could afford the high-end graphic cards they make you happy and make your everyday awesome and fun if you are a geek like me and many others. What do you think of this graphic card guys, do you all like it if you do then share it with your friends and in your community to make them aware of this latest hardcore graphic card. Have anything to add or any suggestions let us know through comments or contact us directly.


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