Skype for Linux now Released and How to install it

Hello readers, today we will discuss the latest software for Linux operating system and that is "Skype" yes you heard it right, Now Microsoft has recently released latest update for Linux, and released an alpha version for it. Most of us including me waiting for the Skype for Linux for long back, but now it's here finally.

Skype & Linux

Skype we all know what it is and what it does, I personally think that it does a great job in connecting people across the seas, and not just that the quality provided by it is completely awesome. And that too with the lowest costs than our network providers. Skype does a great job in both audio calling and video calling simultaneously.

People who are far away from their homes gets closer with this software, it makes them feel good and connected to their families even when they are not nearer to them and that's the beauty. Skype was available for windows ( of course  it is the product of Microsoft Windows), Ios and Android, Now Microsoft had taken a step forward and making this available to its new open source partners as well.
and that is great to have that for Linux as well, and that's handy because, now we no need to switching between different apps to get your work done, this reduces that effort for us.

Skype for Linux

Skype was available for a list of devices such as windows, windows mobile phones, Ios and Android phones now it has extended a little bit and made it's product available for Linux as well. This not officially available on the app store in Ubuntu yet, but you can grab your version from their official website here.

This software is still in alpha state only (what it means is it still in development phase), so you may experience some functions working not good as they should be, so be patient to get the best version from them, to do that they need our help to collect bugs and report them back so that can solve our bugs easier and faster so let us support them.

How to install Skype in Linux:

This is very simple to install when you head over to the above-mentioned link and get your "DEB" or "RPM" version and install it as you install any other software on your Linux operating system. If you are a Linx user then you'd find no difficulty installing it at all. and it is simple to install and the user interface is same as default and simple.

And yeah don't forget to check your system requirements that are needed for this software to work properly, you can check those on their web page or just take a look below.

  • 1 GHz processor or faster.
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free disk space
  • Video card driver
  • Either a built-in or external microphone is required for voice calls.
  • An Internet connection
  • Pulse Audio 1.0 (4.0 recommended)
This is the major requirements that are needed for this software to work properly or for best performance.

This is not that much more requirements, and this doesn't cost you much and I think this are the basic requirements that a system has now and this can be found easily anywhere so need to worry about that at all and for calling you need to have a headset or a video camera for video calling right.

This is a good tool for Linux collection, so have fun with it, and don't forget that it still in alpha state so you will face lots of bugs in that and report them back to the developers so that you can get the official perfect version for you faster.

skype in ubuntu

you can take a look in the above image how it looks in Linux, in the photo, you can see that skype was installed in ubuntu and it's working great not just that look and feel is so awesome in it.


Skype is one of the world renown software for communication and most used as well, offers less price and quality is high, Microsoft did a great and it maintains the quality good all the time, still now at least and we don't know how it may be in future may be good or bad that we will look after later on and for now give it a try, make a call test the product write reviews and report back the bugs that you find, and don't forget to report back here to (just kidding) just tell us your experience how the installation had gone with you, did you find any difficulties doing so, if so, then let us know in the comments section or just contact us, and we will make you a tutorial on how to install it. So that you can have fun doing. Happy chatting, see you guys soon in our next post, stay tuned to us for more great information like this and don't forget to subscribe us and follow us on google+  and one last important thing doesn't forget to bookmark us. Thank you guys, see you later.


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