How To Speed Up Your Computer / Laptop With Free Tool Service

Hai Guys Whats up. Today I am going to explain you a Full Guide on How To Speed Up Your Computer / Laptop With Free Tool Service; this tool is very helpful for your PC to RUN smoothly while you are performing a different task or working on it. The question comes to your mind is Why is this tool necessary for our computer? And what it will do to speed up, I will surely explain you in below Read the post thoroughly and have an experience on Free service tool for computer Or laptop Speedup.

increase the speed of PC/ lappy

The computer or laptop may be struck if you have many junk files in it, we don't know how and where these junk files are there, we don't get any notification that you system has junk files contain in it, Not to worry about this I here explained clearly How to clean your system or laptop and removing junk files to Run smoothly without any problem.

What is Junk Files?

Junk files are the files, we operate many programs on PC or Laptop, this program leaves a temporary file that stores in a memory, this will reduce the speed and performance of your PC or Laptop, to get speed up PC or Laptop we need to remove this files from your memory, This files are not necessary so don't worry just remove it,  there can be many files on your system so I hope you will remove and increase you system speed by following the below method or tool.

Increase Speed Of Computer / Laptop By 2 Methods:

Here comes your detailed How to do? Speed up your System and Lappy by two different methods, Not different we can say one is Manually, and another one is Automatic; these two methods are explained below with photos for easy understanding, so please read the below methods and clean up junk files with the help of any one method to Run your PC smoothly.

How To Clean up PC / Laptop [MANUALLY]

The manual process is that we have to do by yourself to clean temporary file or unuseful files from system or lappy. How to do? I wrote a below step by step process follow them carefully and remove unwanted things.
Follow Steps to Increase Speed Manually.

Step1: Go to START menu.

Step2: Select-->Allprograms-->Accessories-->Systemtools.

Step3: In System tools, you will find "Disk Cleanup" Click on that you will see a small box which is shown below.

disc drive selection

Step4: Select Drive, which you need to clean. After selection click on "OK" button, it will redirect to a new window which scans the total drive files which we are selected. A figure is shown below.

clean drive 2 process

Step5: After scanning it will show how much disk can be free by cleaning up. More information of disk shown here selects which you need to clean. This is the last and final step to clean junk files manually.

manual work to do

How To Clean up PC / Laptop (AUTOMATIC)

Automatic nothing but with the help of tool we can delete unwanted filed from system, this tools will run smoothly and help us to keep free from junk files, and it will notify us when there is a junk file in our system, it makes us easy to know our system is affecting with unwanted files and we can easily delete them by just clicking on clean button.

Here there are no steps to explained; you just need to download a tool which does your work. Below I explained The best tool for PC / Laptop To speed up.

C Cleaner: {Download For Free}

clean automatically with c cleaner
C Cleaner is one of the best tools which support for PC, Laptop and even mobile also. This tool has a huge demand in the market because it can clean up your temporary files, junk files, unwanted files, internet files and more useless computer files which has no importance and which stop the speed of your computer.

The main advantage of this cleaner is it analyse and scan your all function like the internet, system disc, cookies, recycle bin, etc. and remove the things which are not needed for our confirmation. Download C Cleaner for your PC, Laptop or on your mobile to speed up your work.

Quote: Faster interface is a smarter way of thinking Big.

The above two methods are very helpful to everyone, and I hope you choose any one from this and clean your system regularly without any trouble, I think you go with automatic but try with Manually and know the importance of it.

Final Words:

Two methods are very simple and, I explain above by step by step and importance of using it. I hope you like my article, so please comment below in our comment box and share on different social networks, I will update here in this blog new thing which you can get by email just subscribe with us by your mail id and get updates directly to your Inbox.


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