Managing Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android

Hello, Readers, Today I came with an excellent topic, I hope it will help you To Manage Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android. You guys are looking for it right. I think I came at the right time to show you how to manage multiple Instagram account from one phone. See we keep some personal and professional, for them who want to move with both; then this is the post which helps you manage both individuals and professional things at a time.

Like you, people know that Instagram if for sharing photos and videos with friends and families, but nowadays it has become a massive interest to public, every phone has Instagram App installed in it. So by seeing the benefit of the users the Instagram is updating more and more option for easy moving, Like multiple accounts can be used, we can chat with friends, and many more option is getting updated with new versions.

This year the company update a new feature in the Instagram app is, we can add five accounts in one phone. It's like more that multiple accounts, we can use five accounts if you have five account signup with mail id and password. This is how Instagram is getting updated with excellent features, individually and professionally we can use from one phone just we need to do select account which you want to use (how to select other accounts I showed below).

Push Notification Will I GetFrom Multiple Accounts? Instagram.

This question comes to our mind that we get a notification if we add multiple accounts in one phone. Or if we don't get any notification we have to switch regularly to get notifications from combined accounts.

The answer is that we will sure get a notification from every account which you added, and its shows and get updated in your profile that this information belongs to this account.

How To Add And Switch Between Instagram Multiple Accounts.

Here you can see How To Manage Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android.
If you are interested in using the different accounts on one device, this guide will help you to know more, read below and How To Add And Switch Between Instagram Multiple Accounts.

Step 1. Download Instagram App or Login on The Web.

Step 2. If you are a new user then Signup with your details or just click on Sign in with email and password.

Step 3. After sign in you will see your profile and some option like Home, Search, Uploading photos or videos, Notification bar, etc.

If you want to Add more account than Read below.
  • Go to my profile, see on right site top you will see three dots option, Click on that.
  • After clicking, you get many options displayed on your screen, Browse and Click on "Add Account" and follow step 2.

  • If multiple accounts added then, your profile icon would change your profile pic which you had set profile picture.
  • Notification will be displayed in your profile option like below image.

  • A user can Add and switch to any account when he/she need.
  • If you don't want to use any account, then you can log out, It will not effect to added accounts.
  • Five sign in accept Instagram from one phone.
  • Enjoy the photo sharing app Instagram Multiple Manage accounts.


This is how you can Add Multiple Instagram accounts and switch between them in one phone; I hope this guide help you to know the photo sharing app using multiple signs in. Above step has a clear explanation, so please read and share with your friends. 

The individual and multiple users can take advantage of leading social photo sharing application. Follow step by step and have a new experience with Instagram.


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