List of all windows 10 shortcut keys for all of its editions

Windows is the most used operating system worldwide, and everyone prefers this operating system based on some reasons and those are the simplicity and the easy to use (The user interface for its users is completely simple even for noobs and non-computer users). So this reasons attracts its most of the users and the usage of windows operating system is more compared to other distros like Mac and the Linux according to the survey. So this software has integrated into our lives as one so we have got to know it good right, so here are the list of "Windows 10 shortcut keys" to make your daily work simpler.

So I suppose that if you are here and reading this article about the windows shortcut keys then you're a windows user and interested in making your work simple, by knowing the shortcuts and the other reason is to simply keep track of the latest tech and use them fluently.

Windows 10 shortcut keys for all Editions

Here is the list of shortcuts that support all windows 10 and one more thing that I call the Windows Key as "WinKey" for our convenience.
  1. WinKey : Open and close the Start menu.
  2. WinKey +1, WinKey+2, etc : Switch to the desktop  and launch the nth application in the taskbar.
  3. WinKey+A : Open the action center.
  4. WinKey+B : Highlight the notification area.
  5. WinKey+C : Launch Cortana into listening mode.
  6. WinKey+D : Switch between desktop and other applications (hides or shows the desktop).
  7. WinKey+E : Launch the file explorer.
  8. WinKey+H : Open the share charm.
  9. WinKey+I : Open the settings app.
  10. WinKey+K : Opens the Connect panel to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
  11. WinKey+L : Locks the device.
  12. WinKey+M : Switch to the desktop and minimize all the applications.
  13. WinKey+O : Lock device Orientation.
  14. WinKey+P : Open the project pane to search and connect to external displays and projectors.
  15. WinKey+R : Displays the Run dialogue.
  16. WinKey+S : Launch Cortana.
  17. WinKey+T : Cycle through the apps on the taskbar.
  18. WinKey+U : Launch the Ease of Access Center.
  19. WinKey+V : Cycle through Notifications.
  20. WinKey+X : Open the advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  21. WinKey+Z : Open the app-specific command bar.
  22. WinKey+Enter : Launch Narrator.
  23. WinKey+SPACEBAR : Switch input language and keyboard layout.
  24. WinKey+TAB : Open Task view.
  25. WinKey+,  : Peek t the desktop.
  26. WinKey+Plus Sign : Zoom in.
  27. WinKey+Minus Sign : Zoom out.
  28. WinKey+ESCAPE : Close Magnifier.
  29. WinKey+LEFT ARROW : Dock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
  30. WinKey+RIGHT ARROW : Dock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
  31. WinKey+UP ARROW : Maximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
  32. WinKey+ DOWN ARROW : Restore or minimize the active window.
  33. WinKey+SHIFT+UP ARROW : Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
  34. WinKey+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW : Restore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
  35. WinKey+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW : With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.
  36. WinKey+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW: With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.
  37. WinKey+HOME : Minimize all nonactive windows, restore on the second keystroke.
  38. WinKey+PRINT SCREEN : Take a picture of the screen and place it on the computer>Pictures>Screenshots folder.
  39. WinKey+CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW : Switch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
  40. WinKey+CTRL+D : Create a new virtual desktop.
  41. WinKey+CTRL+F4 : Close the current virtual desktop.
  42. WinKey+? : Launch the windows Feedback App.
These all are the windows 10 shortcut keys to make your work simple and make you more productive at your work with ease. Give them a try and know how they work for better understanding of those keys because, when you start using this keyword, they will be fed automatically into your brain and you no longer needed to mug up them and still you can be the pro at your work doing it simple and faster yet efficient.

And one more important thing you may ask there are hell out of different applications available on the windows operating system and all of those applications have their own set of shortcut keys for example adobe photoshop etc, then why we need to remember this windows key's, if you ask this, then the answer is very simple, always keep in mind that you're using the other applications through the windows operating system and this is one software, so if you don't master (at least for good usage) this one software then how can you able to use other more complicated one's and make your work, so this is the basics and you have got to remember this for faster work efficiency.


Does this shortcut keys helped with your work? in everyday life, I personally use this daily for my daily purpose and I use the mouse less and my colleges think that I'm an alien, because I do all the crazy stuff with the computer and one of those tricks is this the shortcuts for daily work, and this is best trust me, and if you know any shortcuts that are missing from this article please let us know through the comments or just mail us and we will update them, and thank you for stay tuned for or site and if haven't followed yet through google+ or subscribed us then please do because that helps us bringing the great articles and tutorials like this. Thank you guys. With love your techdhamka.


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