Best Top 5 Tablets for general and professional Use under INR 10,000

Tablets are one of the gadgets that are most used by many of us, but these are little bigger devices than our mobile phones, so we give preference to these next to our mobiles, these tablets are not convenient for taking out so we give most of our preference to mobiles, but guys having bigger screens is good for getting our work done, better than doing that business in our cell phones, and guess what this little secret is now known by freelancers and other entrepreneurs to get their work done on the go. Ultimately here's my best 5 tablets under 10,000 rupees.

Top 5 tablets that you can buy

What are Tablets?

So before going to check out the best tablets under 10,000 first let us know what the hell tablets are (for those who don't know what it is). Tablets are those devices or gadgets with a screen about 6 inches or more, so these products are great and not fit in our pockets, right remember that but being bigger screen we can able to carry those gadgets quickly due to their minor weight and shape and carrying bags available for those. 

And one more thing that is these gadgets have lower specs compared to flagship mobile phones but those gadgets cost your entire month or yearly salary, and you cannot work on those devices like office work that quickly actually you can work on them but that's not that efficient than you think but those cost you more. So what my point is flagship phones are good for some things and or the other but they are not good as tablets when it comes to working. Good, do you got that now?, so if you're working on the go then I think you got to have a tablet for best results.

Best 5 Tablets phones under 10,000

So, here we go the list of best 5 tablets for you, and some of them here are even lesser than 5000 but they perform according to their price bracket let me remind you if you wish for minimal performance and have a small budget you better go for it.

Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30

Here we go our first item on the list is Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30, and now let's take a brief look at the specs now.

Operating System: Android v4.4 (upgradable to v5.0)
Camera : 2MP primary, 0.3MP front-facing
Memory: 8GB internal and expandable up to 32 GB
Processor: Quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (single sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Resolution : 1024x600 pixels
Battery: 3450Mah ( average 8hrs of battery life)
Price: 6995 rupees.

This device is offering the pretty much right amount of performance under this price range, and that is absolutely okay, this should be perfect if wish for a tablet with 3G connectivity because this will allow you to use the internet anywhere literally without any trouble of having a data connection or searching for a wifi signal. 

You can buy this from here.

2. Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 Tablet

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 Tablet
This is our second product and now take a brief look at this one as well.

Operating System : Android v4.4
Camera : 2MP VGA primary, 0.3MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB
Processor : Quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth
Screen : 7-inches
Dimensions : 18.9 x 0.9 x 10.5 cm
Battery: 3450MAh
Price : 5,196 rupees (current Amazon price)

And according to the specs, you can see the difference between these two products and you can say with this analysis you get what you pay for. But keeping that aside we here get almost similar features except for audio calling (3G), and the cam quality is not that much impressive, but it's good for starters, and literally, it's best at its price range.

You can buy this from here.

3. Huawei T1-701u Tablet

Huawei T1-701u Tablet
Operating System: Android v4.4
Camera: 2MP primary, 2MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB expandable up to 32GB
Processor: 1.2GHz A7 quad-core processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (single sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Battery: 4100MAh
Price: 6,948 rupees (current Amazon price)

This Huawei device is the best, and this company has sold it's devices more this year, and it got more crazy on the market right now, this is the best deal if you can spend 6,000 rupees, because this is giving you almost all the features you wanted with good battery life and more what more it comes with 169 ppi and  16M color support, this alone gives the best picture quality. 

You can buy this from here.

4. Micromax P480 Tablet

Micromax P480 Tablet

Operating System: Android v4.4.2
Camera: 52MP primary, 2MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB expandable up to 32GB
Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (dual sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Battery: 3000MAh
Price: 6,089 rupees (current Amazon price)

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This Micromax tablet got almost similar specs at the same price range, this offers good performance, and this device comes in two variants of colors (white and black), this has dual sims capacity so that, you can use this device almost like you use any other mobile phones, make audio calls use the internet and much more for you. This also got some stylish look as you can see in the above image. 

You can buy this tablet from here.

5. Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet

Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet

Operating System: Widows
Screen: 6-inches x 3.4inches
Processor: Intel
Resolution : 100 lines/mm (2540 LPI)
Price: 4,258 (current price on Amazon)

You saw this, like this? I say this is the best product who want to write instead of type, this lets their users actually do the thing more easily. This one comes with a smooth surface pen, and this pen is actually 1024 pressure sensing battery free with two shortcut buttons. They even provide replacement nibs for the pen, I say this would be the best tablet for those who work online and do some awesome stuff to earn some good amount of money this product actually help you do that easily, this product is a basic one, we can get this at lower price, if you wish to have something related to greater specs then you might have to invest more money.

You can buy this from here.


This is it, these are the best 5 tablets I think right for everyone, for core and some professional usage. And that too in this price bracket, I don't say these are perfect for use if you do some real work, but remember the price. What do you think of this products, have many different products that you've used and think best than this one's mentioned above then let us know throw comments or contact us then we update the post? Good luck guys try those if you're really interested in using one. Thank you for your time, like our post then simply like us and share this article with your friends.


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