10 Tips, Gaming as a Career - How To Become A Gamer In India

Some people play games for fun, timepass, entertainment and some are serious about playing games they call it as passion. passion is a big thing, without proper passion, dedication one can't make it. Being passionate about work is being genuine to yourself which is a great thing. Here I brought you 10 tips for choosing to game as a career in India –categoriess of pro games

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Be careful in choosing to game as a career. there are many ways to earn for living by playing games for others. people are ready to buy a steam account for a good price and professional don’t want to waste in upgrading their steam account level rather they are willing to buy and start playing at the intermediate level and who are really enthusiastic for playing the game can look forward to doing this. Now the question is where to sell there are many sites online to sell them at your convenient method best is go for Paypal because the charge is low and get best out of it, there are many types of game which I think every gamer(beginner) should know. Today's games are loaded with action and there are many different categories and generation of games. here is some information which will help you to understand and know the different categories of games.
  • Massive multiplayer games
  • Simulations
  • Adventures
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Puzzle
  • Action
  • Stealth shooter
  • Combat
  • First person shooters
  • Sports
  • Role-playing game (RPG)
  • Educational

I hope this information would be of some use for people who are willing to start their career in gaming field good luck have fun and make India proud.

Gaming as a career in India.

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The question is can one choose to game as a career?? Yes, but the thing is you have to dedicate yourself to it and gaming comes from passion. People are earning millions just by playing an hour game, to become such it takes years. In the country like India, it is not that happening it's because of the mindset of parents/guardian who is not letting their kids future spoil, to be frank, it takes really too much effort dedication, time and patience to become professional in choosing to game as a career. 

so if you are really good and are enthusiastic about it, the gaming world offers you rich luxurious life while doing what you love. However, you also need to realize that gaming industry is extremely niche so you will have to be really good(almost a professional) and also have to work hard to become better and better. even especially in India, you will face criticism from almost every side, so be prepared stay focused on what you want to achieve and don’t stop until you get enough. 

10 Tips to keep in mind while choosing the game as a career.

Honesty is a proud moment, be in the reality and work hard for goal if you had not set your goal then think about it and start working hard, learn to earn this 10 pro gamer tips for choosing gaming as a career in India.

1. Participate regularly and earn yourself a name in the games that you play, hope you get noticed by professionals and may get to join their team.

2. Watch professional videos.

3. Learn new tips and tricks or else create one.

4. Don’t lose hope if u don't get selected/noticed (Don't decrease your goal, Increase your Effort).

5. Take help from unbiased people who are genuine and really want to help you.

6. Build yourself on online platforms.

7. Gear up to find your self in professional community.

8. Practise and stay motivated with your circle.

9. Find a team and become a pro gamer.

10. Lastly, if you can not see a way into professional gaming. Then you can always work in the industry itself, here are some jobs up for grabs which are fun as playing a game.

⇛Game developer

⇛Game tester

⇛Senior game tester


⇛Game writer

So many more

An amazing fact which will amaze you that in foreign countries girls don’t date boys who don’t play games, gaming career in India is not that popular whereas in foreign countries gaming is life. it is obvious who doesn’t want to get paid for doing what they love the most, you might have to take risky decision to pursue this career.


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