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Today's world has changed to smart ideas, everybody want's new and smart technology with secure and fast service. As we know technology is increasing daily and smartphone has became a part of life with all facilities around us, new ideas are exploring everyday and in this fast moment we think to have deals and offers which we can feel comfortable, for you, freecharge has promised to change your mood to happiness.

coming to the point, free charge coupons, promo codes, cashback deals, discount coupons on each and every store. Garb the codes to get the money back challenge(cashback) with freecharge. The platform which provide you to shop online product with cashback offers  and best deals.

leading technology will accept app(freecharge) payment instantly, some of the top brands are Cafe Coffee Day, Zamato, Red Bus, Food Panda, Jabong, goibibo etc.

cashback promocodes deals discount coupons

As a part of digital payment ecosystem, its aim is to give the best service across the world in less than 5 seconds. You can quickly redeem any code that gives you offers and best deals, also discounts on top stores. Free charge provides you to make other payment also like Electric Bill, DTH, Water, Gas, Metro, Landline, Data card and much more with Active offers every day.  Download App freely from Play store an experience with best digital payment process.

FreeCharge Offers, Deals, Promo code and discount Coupons:

Desktop and mobile has different look and feel to know the offers, so freecharge has updated their coupons with the existing devices, not only devices it comes over the platform where we can change our world with exiting offer, deals , coupons, cash back everyday.

offers deals cashback coupons

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Today best deals and Active Offer. 

  • Offering Tata SKY DTH Recharge Rs.60 Cashback on Rs. 300. Offer valid for all users.

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  • 25% cashback on BOOKMYSHOW, max CB of 75rs, only one time per user. Offer valid from 10th Jan'18 to 28th Feb 2018

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  • 100% CB on First ever transactions, Valid on successful Recharges/Bill Payments done till 28th Feb' 2018. Applicable for New users only.
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  • Go to Pharmeasy website or app, and place your order, get 10% cashback upto Rs. 75 when you pay with Freecharge Offer valid from 2nd Feb to 28th Feb 2018.

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Enjoy 9% off on Ebay with Free charge wallet, and get instant offer discount in your wallet, don't wait Shop now with app or website. Once per user.
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Once per user offer, ger 25 %  off on minimum purchase of Rs.400 - Domino's Pizza and 5% assured cashback.
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Get 20% cash back on zomato, if you are the new user, you will get Rs.50 with 20% cashback. Order now.
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➡Get instantly Rs 50 cashback in your free charge wallet by booking movie ticket in Bookmyshow. Minimum booking Rs.150  and valid once for user
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➡Select food on the swiggy app/the web and get 20% cashback, additionally get Rs.75 off on first order minimum should be 300rs, don't forget to pay with free charge.
Use This Code: NEWFC

➡BigBasket: Minimum order should be Rs.1000 to get Rs.75 cashback and also 20% big basket credits on your first order.
Use This Code: BBFRCH250 

Ending points: 

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Best Top 5 Tablets for general and professional Use under INR 10,000

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Tablets are one of the gadgets that are most used by many of us, but these are little bigger devices than our mobile phones, so we give preference to these next to our mobiles, these tablets are not convenient for taking out so we give most of our preference to mobiles, but guys having bigger screens is good for getting our work done, better than doing that business in our cell phones, and guess what this little secret is now known by freelancers and other entrepreneurs to get their work done on the go. Ultimately here's my best 5 tablets under 10,000 rupees.

Top 5 tablets that you can buy

What are Tablets?

So before going to check out the best tablets under 10,000 first let us know what the hell tablets are (for those who don't know what it is). Tablets are those devices or gadgets with a screen about 6 inches or more, so these products are great and not fit in our pockets, right remember that but being bigger screen we can able to carry those gadgets quickly due to their minor weight and shape and carrying bags available for those. 

And one more thing that is these gadgets have lower specs compared to flagship mobile phones but those gadgets cost your entire month or yearly salary, and you cannot work on those devices like office work that quickly actually you can work on them but that's not that efficient than you think but those cost you more. So what my point is flagship phones are good for some things and or the other but they are not good as tablets when it comes to working. Good, do you got that now?, so if you're working on the go then I think you got to have a tablet for best results.

Best 5 Tablets phones under 10,000

So, here we go the list of best 5 tablets for you, and some of them here are even lesser than 5000 but they perform according to their price bracket let me remind you if you wish for minimal performance and have a small budget you better go for it.

Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30

Here we go our first item on the list is Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30, and now let's take a brief look at the specs now.

Operating System: Android v4.4 (upgradable to v5.0)
Camera : 2MP primary, 0.3MP front-facing
Memory: 8GB internal and expandable up to 32 GB
Processor: Quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (single sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Resolution : 1024x600 pixels
Battery: 3450Mah ( average 8hrs of battery life)
Price: 6995 rupees.

This device is offering the pretty much right amount of performance under this price range, and that is absolutely okay, this should be perfect if wish for a tablet with 3G connectivity because this will allow you to use the internet anywhere literally without any trouble of having a data connection or searching for a wifi signal. 

You can buy this from here.

2. Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 Tablet

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 Tablet
This is our second product and now take a brief look at this one as well.

Operating System : Android v4.4
Camera : 2MP VGA primary, 0.3MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB
Processor : Quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth
Screen : 7-inches
Dimensions : 18.9 x 0.9 x 10.5 cm
Battery: 3450MAh
Price : 5,196 rupees (current Amazon price)

And according to the specs, you can see the difference between these two products and you can say with this analysis you get what you pay for. But keeping that aside we here get almost similar features except for audio calling (3G), and the cam quality is not that much impressive, but it's good for starters, and literally it's best at its price range.

You can buy this from here.

3. Huawei T1-701u Tablet

Huawei T1-701u Tablet
Operating System: Android v4.4
Camera: 2MP primary, 2MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB expandable up to 32GB
Processor: 1.2GHz A7 quad-core processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (single sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Battery: 4100MAh
Price: 6,948 rupees (current Amazon price)

This Huawei device is the best, and this company has sold it's devices more this year, and it got more crazy on the market right now, this is the best deal if you can spend 6,000 rupees, because this is giving you almost all the features you wanted with good battery life, and more what more is comes with 169 ppi and  16M color support, this alone gives the best picture quality. 

You can buy this from here.

4. Micromax P480 Tablet

Micromax P480 Tablet

Operating System: Android v4.4.2
Camera: 52MP primary, 2MP front-facing
Memory : 8GB expandable up to 32GB
Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor
Connectivity : Wifi,Bluetooth,GSM (dual sim)
Screen: 7-inches
Battery: 3000MAh
Price: 6,089 rupees (current Amazon price)

Related: Blackberry's Android High-Security smartphone and it's specs.

This Micromax tablet got almost similar specs at the same price range, this offers good performance, and this device comes in two variants of colors (white and black), this has dual sims capacity so that, you can use this device almost like you use any other mobile phones, make audio calls use the internet and much more for you. This also got some stylish look as you can see in the above image. 

You can buy this tablet from here.

5. Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet

Wacom CTL 471/K0-Cx Tablet

Operating System: Widows
Screen: 6-inches x 3.4inches
Processor: Intel
Resolution : 100 lines/mm (2540 LPI)
Price: 4,258 (current price on Amazon)

You saw this, like this? I say this is the best product who want to write instead of type, this lets their users actually do the thing more easily. This one comes with a smooth surface pen, and this pen is actually 1024 pressure sensing battery free with two shortcut buttons. They even provide replacement nibs for the pen, I say this would be the best tablet for those who work online and do some awesome stuff to earn some good amount of money this product actually help you do that easily, this product is a basic one, we can get this at lower price, if you wish to have something related to greater specs then you might have to invest more money.

You can buy this from here.


This is it, these are the best 5 tablets I think right for everyone, for core and some professional usage. And that too in this price bracket, I don't say these are perfect for usage if you do some real work, but remember the price. What do you think of this products, have any different products that you've used and think best than this one's mentioned above then let us know throw comments or contact us then we update the post? Good luck guys try those if you're really interested in using one. Thank you for your time, like our post then simply like us and share this article with your friends.

Best Recovery Software's for recovering lost data

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Data is the crucial thing when it comes to the digital world or anything, data is most important thing, that may be in audio, video, or even image format it doesn't matter data is a data and we lost that data easily in digital things, like we delete our data unwantedly or it just get's deleted unknowingly by us or by your children or anyone. But the problem should be faced by you right. So today we will take a look at how to get our data back with Recovery software's.

Recovering Lost Data

Data when it is lost it is very difficult to recover that data, especially when the memory table is rewritten by other data items in the memory right, so you have to be careful enough while recovering your crucial data. Have you ever lost your data on your system by you or any other, you got loss of your data? it is very frustrating right, yes it is because I personally lost my lots of data when I was a kid and the worst part is I had lost the data of my parents (Most important one) that is like hell I literally got scolded by parents and guess what no touching of computers (Real hell guys trust me). Then I don't know how to do it, but now I do know how. If you don't know how either then you're in the right place guys skim through the below information to know how.

So let's get our deal begun, Recovering data is not simple and the recovery of 100% data is not possible in some cases, but most of the cases you most probably get the whole data. There are some methods data cannot be recovered when it is deleted using special methods or when the memory table of that data is overwritten by other data ( when this happen it is almost impossible to get your data back.) if this is the cause loose the hopes, But if this is not the case below software's can help you get the data back.

List of Best Recovery Softwares

Here are some of the best free recovery software's that you can download online and give them a try.
  • Restoration
  • Pandora Recovery
  • PhotoRec
  • Undelete 360
  • Recuva
  • TestDisk
  • MiniTool Partition Recovery
  • Wise Data Recovery
  • Puran File Recovery
  • PC inspector file recovery
  • Kickass Undelete
This are the best according to my knowledge, I use one of this software actually to recover my lost data. Once I had deleted 150 Gigs of data unknowingly and got into trouble again, But fortunately, I was able to recover those 150 gigs of data successfully I mean every single bit of it, yes every single bit and I was so relieved at that time. This software's actually do work give them a try and let me know if any of it worked for you I may suggest you another related software or I will tell you the solution (Most probably). 

But the there is a sad part in this because sometimes we cannot even get a single file, and there are several reasons for that to happen, some of them are the files got permanently deleted for your memory table because that free space got occupied by other data. If that happens to you, you may leave the hopes or try the advanced techniques if you are a geek, or hire a security professional to get your data back, those people can do more than us because they just code something to get the problem solved or anything to get your data back. Go for the professionals only if the data is most important like your life and death depends on it  cause it costs a lot more than you imagine. So take my free advice guys that, don't let your data get's deleted take a good care of it cause everything depends on that data.


Hope you got your files back, this software's all are self-explanatory so you don't need any experience people to get your work done. And make sure to protect your data from others, and there are some reasons files get deleted or your hard drive corrupts for example power cuts, when your computer is running and suddenly it lost its power than due to sudden change your hard drive will be completely dead and in such cases it is almost impossible to get the data back. So make sure to have backup power while using the computer, use gadgets like UPS for the uninturrupted supply of power.
So I hope this article helps you get your data back and hopefully you can get your data as well. And if you got your data back or if you got any troubles doing so contact us or comment below and get your questions cleared. Thank you for your time taking to read this article if you like this then share it with your friends.

Google Duo & Allo APP Download For Smart Video Chat & Instant Messaging

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Google, The Branding, Leading service has come up with New applications which support for Android and IOS phones, The Application names are Google Duo & Allo APP Download For Smart Video Chat & Instant Messaging, As we know every product from Google is very attractive and safe to use it, There are many old services which provide related to these applications But the Google product has very much interactive features.

Google duo and allo app

Now coming to the intention to develop this application, to make the user's communication easier. This app will not support on any web version, rather it supports only on Android and IOS phone, As the communication technology is increasing day by day, every user needs an app which helps you in doing smart work like one-tap calling, super switching from mobile to Wi-Fi, Instant delivering message etc, yes all this can be done with the new Google Duo and Allo app for Android and IPhone.

Download Application from Google Play Store and App Store easily. Download links, App information, and sustainable features are shown below, read and know the quick video chat and instant messaging application from Google.

Download Duo | Allo Apps from Playstore | App Store & Features Details:

Communicating Together with love once [Duo & Allo apps], Smart features develop by Google for quick video calling and fast instant messaging. This app available on both Android and IOS phone Download it for free.

Google Duo - Video Chat Mobile App.

Google Duo supports for smartphones(Android) and I Phone(IOS) operating system, it is an open app and can be download on any phone through the play store and app store. The app which connects by making a video call by one simple tap calling feature and it has first switched from cell to Wi-Fi, many many quality features are updated in this quick video calling mobile app, below I listed all features of Google Duo Application.

Video calling duo app

Attractive Features Inbuilt in Duo.

  1. Simple One-Tap video calling app for everyone.
  2. Supports HD video calling facility.
  3. It Applies data charge(must use Internet pack or Wi-Fi)
  4. Download size is less(7.23MB).
  5. Supports on every Android and IOS phones.
  6. More reliable video calling feature.
  7. It updated with smart options like Knock Knock, Limit mobile data usage, Verification of a phone number; we can even block any number.
  8. It uses phone contacts to make video calls.

Google Allo - Instant Messaging Mobile App.

Allo is one of the fastest mobile messaging application developed by Google; It supports on mobile versions of Android and IOS phone. Google Allo contain a feature call smart reply; it has designed with strong encryption. The primary intention of Google to developed this Allo app is to deliver soon and answers soon suggestion in the fastest way. This Allo app provides end to end secure encryption to its users and protect your text messages from others.

Allo app instant messaging

Features Of  Google Allo App.

  1. Whisper Shout- Resize your text before sending.
  2. It has incognito mode- Erase all conversation automatically once the user closes the app.
  3. It uses Google Assistant feature.
  4. Available on Play Store and App Store.
  5. Unique features like emojis, stickers, Ink and Whisper Shout are supportable.
  6. Smart reply feature also supports with photos.
  7. It makes your conversation easier and more expressive.
  8. It Depends on a phone book.
You have seen many apps like this, but this is the product from Google and you people know about the Google, It is better from all, New apps come into online by producer Google, Allo & Duo, download to your phone for smart Instant Messaging and Video Chat online.

 Final Words:

This is How Google is coming with new technologies, which are helpful to everyone. As a user, we have to take advantage of a new product which shows you a better ways for instant work. Look up for the feature in Allo & Duo app and download them for quick video chat and instant messaging.

Managing Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android

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Hello, Readers, Today I came with an excellent topic, I hope it will help you To Manage Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android. You guys are looking for it right. I think I came at the right time to show you how to manage multiple Instagram account from one phone. See we keep some personal and professional, for them who want to move with both; then this is the post which helps you manage both individuals and professional things at a time.

Like you, people know that Instagram if for sharing photos and videos with friends and families, but nowadays it has become a massive interest to public, every phone has Instagram App installed in it. So by seeing the benefit of the users the Instagram is updating more and more option for easy moving, Like multiple accounts can be used, we can chat with friends, and many more option is getting updated with new versions.

This year the company update a new feature in the Instagram app is, we can add five accounts in one phone. It's like more that multiple accounts, we can use five accounts if you have five account signup with mail id and password. This is how Instagram is getting updated with excellent features, individually and professionally we can use from one phone just we need to do select account which you want to use (how to select other accounts I showed below).

Push Notification Will I GetFrom Multiple Accounts? Instagram.

This question comes to our mind that we get a notification if we add multiple accounts in one phone. Or if we don't get any notification we have to switch regularly to get notifications from combined accounts.

The answer is that we will sure get a notification from every account which you added, and its shows and get updated in your profile that this information belongs to this account.

How To Add And Switch Between Instagram Multiple Accounts.

Here you can see How To Manage Multiple Instagram Account On One Phone | IPhone & Android.
If you are interested in using the different accounts on one device, this guide will help you to know more, read below and How To Add And Switch Between Instagram Multiple Accounts.

Step 1. Download Instagram App or Login on The Web.

Step 2. If you are a new user then Signup with your details or just click on Sign in with email and password.

Step 3. After sign in you will see your profile and some option like Home, Search, Uploading photos or videos, Notification bar, etc.

If you want to Add more account than Read below.
  • Go to my profile, see on right site top you will see three dots option, Click on that.
  • After clicking, you get many options displayed on your screen, Browse and Click on "Add Account" and follow step 2.

  • If multiple accounts added then, your profile icon would change your profile pic which you had set profile picture.
  • Notification will be displayed in your profile option like below image.

  • A user can Add and switch to any account when he/she need.
  • If you don't want to use any account, then you can log out, It will not effect to added accounts.
  • Five sign in accept Instagram from one phone.
  • Enjoy the photo sharing app Instagram Multiple Manage accounts.


This is how you can Add Multiple Instagram accounts and switch between them in one phone; I hope this guide help you to know the photo sharing app using multiple signs in. Above step has a clear explanation, so please read and share with your friends. 

The individual and multiple users can take advantage of leading social photo sharing application. Follow step by step and have a new experience with Instagram.

List of all windows 10 shortcut keys for all of its editions

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Windows is the most used operating system worldwide, and everyone prefers this operating system based on some reasons and those are the simplicity and the easy to use (The user interface for its users is completely simple even for noobs and non-computer users). So this reasons attracts its most of the users and the usage of windows operating system is more compared to other distros like Mac and the Linux according to the survey. So this software has integrated into our lives as one so we have got to know it good right, so here are the list of "Windows 10 shortcut keys" to make your daily work simpler.

So I suppose that if you are here and reading this article about the windows shortcut keys then you're a windows user and interested in making your work simple, by knowing the shortcuts and the other reason is to simply keep track of the latest tech and use them fluently.

Windows 10 shortcut keys for all Editions

Here is the list of shortcuts that support all windows 10 and one more thing that I call the Windows Key as "WinKey" for our convenience.
  1. WinKey : Open and close the Start menu.
  2. WinKey +1, WinKey+2, etc : Switch to the desktop  and launch the nth application in the taskbar.
  3. WinKey+A : Open the action center.
  4. WinKey+B : Highlight the notification area.
  5. WinKey+C : Launch Cortana into listening mode.
  6. WinKey+D : Switch between desktop and other applications (hides or shows the desktop).
  7. WinKey+E : Launch the file explorer.
  8. WinKey+H : Open the share charm.
  9. WinKey+I : Open the settings app.
  10. WinKey+K : Opens the Connect panel to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
  11. WinKey+L : Locks the device.
  12. WinKey+M : Switch to the desktop and minimize all the applications.
  13. WinKey+O : Lock device Orientation.
  14. WinKey+P : Open the project pane to search and connect to external displays and projectors.
  15. WinKey+R : Displays the Run dialogue.
  16. WinKey+S : Launch Cortana.
  17. WinKey+T : Cycle through the apps on the taskbar.
  18. WinKey+U : Launch the Ease of Access Center.
  19. WinKey+V : Cycle through Notifications.
  20. WinKey+X : Open the advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  21. WinKey+Z : Open the app-specific command bar.
  22. WinKey+Enter : Launch Narrator.
  23. WinKey+SPACEBAR : Switch input language and keyboard layout.
  24. WinKey+TAB : Open Task view.
  25. WinKey+,  : Peek t the desktop.
  26. WinKey+Plus Sign : Zoom in.
  27. WinKey+Minus Sign : Zoom out.
  28. WinKey+ESCAPE : Close Magnifier.
  29. WinKey+LEFT ARROW : Dock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
  30. WinKey+RIGHT ARROW : Dock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
  31. WinKey+UP ARROW : Maximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
  32. WinKey+ DOWN ARROW : Restore or minimize the active window.
  33. WinKey+SHIFT+UP ARROW : Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
  34. WinKey+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW : Restore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
  35. WinKey+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW : With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.
  36. WinKey+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW: With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.
  37. WinKey+HOME : Minimize all nonactive windows, restore on the second keystroke.
  38. WinKey+PRINT SCREEN : Take a picture of the screen and place it on the computer>Pictures>Screenshots folder.
  39. WinKey+CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW : Switch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
  40. WinKey+CTRL+D : Create a new virtual desktop.
  41. WinKey+CTRL+F4 : Close the current virtual desktop.
  42. WinKey+? : Launch the windows Feedback App.
These all are the windows 10 shortcut keys to make your work simple and make you more productive at your work with ease. Give them a try and know how they work for better understanding of those keys because, when you start using this keyword, they will be fed automatically into your brain and you no longer needed to mug up them and still you can be the pro at your work doing it simple and faster yet efficient.

And one more important thing you may ask there are hell out of different applications available on the windows operating system and all of those applications have their own set of shortcut keys for example adobe photoshop etc, then why we need to remember this windows key's, if you ask this, then the answer is very simple, always keep in mind that you're using the other applications through the windows operating system and this is one software, so if you don't master (at least for good usage) this one software then how can you able to use other more complicated one's and make your work, so this is the basics and you have got to remember this for faster work efficiency.


Does this shortcut keys helped with your work? in everyday life, I personally use this daily for my daily purpose and I use the mouse less and my colleges think that I'm an alien, because I do all the crazy stuff with the computer and one of those tricks is this the shortcuts for daily work, and this is best trust me, and if you know any shortcuts that are missing from this article please let us know through the comments or just mail us and we will update them, and thank you for stay tuned for or site and if haven't followed yet through google+ or subscribed us then please do because that helps us bringing the great articles and tutorials like this. Thank you guys. With love your techdhamka.

Unlimited Earning App - Champ Cash Android Get 100% Wallet Money

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Hello, Readers! Today, I have shared an important post which can fill your empty pocket with full of money; it's not fake guys, [Champ Cash] it gives you money by doing some simple tasks. This App is smarter and supports to every Android smartphone versions. What the question comes to our mind is "why should we have this app on our devices" or "I went through many apps like this it mostly fake apps" or anything that gives you negative thoughts, But Guys it is not a fake app. If you know the importance of having this app on your mobile phone I grantee you will download. 

Champ cash through which anyone can be a millionaire by doing some tasks and by installing the application. The Android App Champcash is working 100% and giving real money as PAYPAL Or Bank Account, and even you can recharge your mobile operator by your cash. Simple work has to be done for getting cash in champ cash wallet, there are many ways to update our wallet with Real money like daily surveys, friends referring, download app to get cash and much more ways to fill our wallet.
Here below I will be explaining clearly about how to get cash in Champ cash wallet, What are the simple work have to do and how to redeem your wallet cash to bank account money or To Paypal read the full post and don't forget to comment below.

How To Earn Money Through Champ Cash Android App. 

Here by doing the small tricks, you can make more money in Champ cash. Follow the step "what to do," "how to do" To earn Unlimited money.

1. First, download the app in your phone {Champ Cash}.

2. After installing, click on "Signup with Champ cash" enter your details like mobile number, Email id, set a password, and you will be asked to enter Referal Id, enter this Refer id: 5177279.

Note: If you don't enter this referral id you will not get your activation account bonus as 1$.

3. now, you will see three option like Dashboard, challenge, and shopping. In challenge option, an Audio will be played automatically, listen to that Audio file and get an idea of earning money quickly in champ cash.

4. For Full Activation of Champcash account, Install challenge app which provides in Challenge option. Why? Download this challenging app? This app gives you more challenge to complete your registration and help us to earn more and more from Champ cash. 

5. Complete challenging app and get a notification that you are eligible to earn more money using MLM platform, After this message your account will unlock all earning methods, and you can quickly make unlimited money from champ cash.

6.  [Best step of Champ Cash] Refer your friend and earn regular income without any work. if your friend downloads and installs any application on the phone, you will get some money to your wallet.

7. Guarantee to get instant payment through a bank account or PayPal and you can shop online product with champ cash supports online shopping sites like eBay, mantra, Flipkart, snap deal, shop clues, Amazon, etc.

8. Even mobile recharges to any mobile operator by online, supports mobile recharge site like Airtel, Paytm, etc.

9. The Champ cash also helps the Shop and Earn technique. If you order any product through Champ cash on any shopping site, you can earn money quickly on your order, and some part of your money will transfer to your champ cash wallet[%percentage].

10. Supports easily redeemable of wallet money by bank or Paypal.

This is how Champ Cash is giving unlimited money with simple techniques; Guys don't waste time Go for it download in your smartphone and make more and more money by the simple task. This app is one of the best ways to do business by referring friends and family members if they install any application you get money. So refer more and Earn more.

Final Words:

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BlackBerry DTEK50 Android high security smartphone and its specs

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BlackBerry phones are well-known phones, and the company has its type of reputation around the world, and most of the Blackberry phones come with its operating system just like Windows and Apple, and this OS has a reputation of security features that it offers for us is simply amazing, and most of the people love this company mobiles due to this reason. And today we are going to look at the low-budget blackberry DTEK50 high-security phone that is offered by the corporation.

Blackberry DTEK50

Whoever loves the blackberry smartphones for this is a golden opportunity for them to taste the Android flavor and take the advantage of security that is offered at the same time and this is a two on two situations where you can get the taste of Android and the security, Blackberry is trying to remove the problems related to the security in Android operating system, as Android is an open source system, it is more vulnerable to threats and with the blackberry's latest security smartphone we can enjoy it with worrying about the problems or safety issues that may occur in the feature.

Blackberry's DTEK50 security phone specs

Blackberry had experienced a massive loss in the last five years which even lead to give on the mobile industry, and now the company is making to make a come back with its latest security smartphone and which is set to launch in the next month probably. And the specs that are offered by this mobile phone is below here
  • Screen: 5.2' scratch resistant display
  • 8MP front facing camera and 13MP auto-focus rear camera
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB Internal storage
  • 2,610mAh battery (Quick Charge 2.0)
  • Snapdragon 617soC 8 Cortex-A53 running at 1.5Ghz
  • Blackberry security
  • OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).
These specs seem quite promising and three gigs of ram it enables multiprocessing more smooth and fluid which gives the best performance. And don't forget about the security features that are offered, by this phone.

This mobile is set to launch into the market for sales from next month onwards, but you can still pre-order your mobile from their official website if you bought you are eligible to get some of the accessories for this mobile along with the device such as power bank and much more. This free cost would be you 275 euros if you bought the mobile in pre-order. Otherwise, the mobile may cost you around $300. This mobile is set to launch on August 8, 2016.

Security of DTEK50

Blackberry had kept so much care for the safety of this mobile while developing the OS for this mobile; they had put everything that a perfect security device needs to have. This security smartphone knows automatically when any suspicious activity is being performed, if so then it will report it back immediately to you about what was happening, Thanks to the Blackberry security that protects your privacy from hackers and other hijackers.

blackberry device security status

This blackberry's device security software keeps track of you mobile and continuously check for any suspicious activities happening in your mobile and reports that all here, and it will make a report and give the status of your free risk. This risk status helps you keep track of the security information that is a lot more valuable than you think to protect your data from anyone else. This software looks at your messages if any software or application that is installed on your device accessing your details secretly or like sending messages without your permission and all of this stuff are completely controlled by this blackberry's security software.

Blackberry's Hub

Blackberry has introduced another fresh application for DTEK50 that is blackberry hub this application reduces your efforts and time ultimately by keeping or displaying every messages or email that you get at a single place, that means no switching between multiple apps to get your work done, that intern takes your time and energy and the same time this process eats lots of Rams to run multiple processing, and this can be avoided with this single application that comes with device.

blackberry's hub

As you can see in the above image all the notifications and messages that you get on all of the social media that you signed up are shown here at a single place, this application is like a junction that connects all the social media notifications and messages and work email and important work details and messages all at one place saving your time and energy.

Blackberry's Intelligence keyboard

Blackberry have got another great piece of software up its sleeves for us, and this is the as the heading suggests the intelligence keyboard, this learns from our typing, it checks the speed and the words that we type, and when it got the enough details about us then it will start suggesting words that we mostly use when we are typing and alike all of the other keyboards it also spell checks and gives the dictionary words as well along with that it checks our typing patterns.


What do you think of blackberry's latest Android mobile, do you believe that this mobile is secured as it says or will it be having troubles with the hackers, and finally does this blackberry can again make a comeback with this cell phone what do you really think of this phone guys let us know in the comments below.